Filicide…. This should not happen in nature..

It was quite a spectacular morning watching this mother feed her three chicks…. I have only ever seen them with two at the most, but this mother had three…. Every time she dived to get a little water weed the young would crowd around to get their share…

Now this may sound strange that I say I’ve never seen a mother with three chicks, but I will quote for you from the internet about this bird…. “It is a resident breeder across much of Africa and in southern most Spain on freshwater lakes and ponds. It builds a nest of dead reeds near the water’s edge or more commonly afloat, laying about 8 eggs (or more in good conditions). However, its behaviour towards its own young is so aggressive that only a few are likely to survive to adulthood.

So I say again, it was a pleasure to watch this mother feed her three young instead of chasing them away… now that is when you call a bird by the female of a dog…. a bitch…






and all they actually want to do is cuddle with their Mom…


How can a Mother not like that..????????

43 thoughts on “Filicide…. This should not happen in nature..

    • LuAnn not one word of wisdom about that… it is by nature an aggressive bird and can be seen chasing all sizes away when threatened or disturbed in any way… can only think the frustrations are taken out on the young…

  1. Ahh…these remind me of the moorhen and coots over here…aggressive as all heck so it is nice to see this happen, you got some wonderful photos here as always Bulldog, glad they were happy ones 🙂

  2. Rob, I have a recommendation for you. Last night on UK BBC television there was the first episode of a new wild life series called “Life Story” by David Attenborough which was quite fascinating. You can watch it on the BBC iplayer at

    The most amazing moment for me is when the Barnacle Goose chicks at just 2-3 days old throw themselves off high cliffs and hope they will survive the fall. As with your normally aggressive breed of coots, it’s quite amazing how different species develop their own behaviours and traits both good and bad.

    • Thanks for the link Brian I will definitely go and look… the Egyptian Goose is also known for this… breeding in high trees the young merely launch themselves into space and hope they survive the fall…

  3. La natura a volte ci riserva delle sorprese non proprio belle, che non riusciamo a capire.
    Vedere invece questa madre che coccola i suoi tre piccoli è stupendo!!
    Grazie per le informazioni e le splendide foto.
    Un caro saluto, Pat

      • I remember raising white mice as kids, and having to remove the father mouse from the cage when he started to eat his new offspring. I LOVE having my kids around, but as a parent, I understand the goal is to raise them to stand on their own two feet. And I would never eat them.

  4. So this mother must be unique among the Red-Knobbed Coots, huh? She has a kindlier nature towards her chicks and aren’t we glad! I can see how you’d be quite captivated, and I’m glad you were there to photograph the little family.

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