Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle…. something upcoming..

I have been a little quiet yesterday and today as we moved down to Kathu… We have a small house here to move into and that has kept us pretty busy, driving down and then cleaning the house.

No sooner were we finished cleaning up, when the wind came up .. strong enough to blow a few trees down and of course to refill the house full of dust and sand once more….

I mentioned to my son about my flamingo photos. His answer was “Did you take them at Kimberly?”

“WHAT???? where would I find flamingos in Kimberly???” my answer….

“Google it.!!!!”

Is that the only answer one gets these days.??… well I did and that is where the monkey enters the picture… CLICK HERE TO GO TO THRE LINK FROM WHICH I SHARE A FEW FACTS…

How is it I’ve never heard of this before today (yesterday actually)…???????

“The flamingos of Kimberley’s Kamfers Dam offer a rare and lovely sight – thousands upon thousands of these pink birds stretching for as far as the eye can see. This area is one of only four breeding sites in Africa for lesser flamingos and is a must-see for any birder.”

DAMN….(excitement) it is only 2 hours drive from here…

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Not my photo, but sorry in the future you are about to be inundated by such photos…

“Kamfers Dam is a permanent wetland just minutes by road from the iconic old diamond mining town of Kimberley. Some years there are around 20 000 birds at the dam; but sometimes the population can rocket up to 50 000 birds and more.”


“The lesser flamingos flock to this dam because it has an abundance of algae, the favoured food of these filter-feeders. Apparently the amount of algae in the dam has been put at 750 000kg.”


Sorry all… I will be visiting there next week and you can be assured I will insure every battery I have is charged and ready… and then….. MORE FLAMINGO PHOTOS…. yahoooooooooo….