Lorna? Phyllis? call her what you want… she’s a beaut..

Here are a few more of the Grey Crowned Crane I captured the other week, Like the flamingos, I can’t get enough of these photos, as well as the cropping such close ups afford…

Enjoy these few that I just love… A star burst ??


I am so watching what you are up to… wow I do love that eye…





Have a great week all of you…..

39 thoughts on “Lorna? Phyllis? call her what you want… she’s a beaut..

  1. I was looking at something on television the other day and I saw a clip of Cher in a very stunning wig–and I think she resembled this beautiful Crane. Or is it better said that the Crane resembles Cher…you get the idea! Either way, it is an absolutely stunning bird! I was calling her Phyllis, but I’m thinking I might call her Cher from now on! 🙂

    • The hours I spent training her Ronnie,,, too many to count…. lol… this was one of those moments you don’t believe your own luck…. I still don’t believe I got that close. …

  2. Your first shot definitely looks like a starburst…without knowing, I would never guess what it is. Your other shots are equally compelling.

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