Plover or Lapwing, does not matter, a Blacksmith it will remain….

The blacksmith lapwing or blacksmith plover (Vanellus armatus)

This bird I knew as a plover, yet someone decided it should become a lapwing… now I have searched high and low and cannot find a decent answer as to why it has become a Lapwing…

So, any one out there that wishes to help me with a definitive answer, please feel free to do so…

This little guy I know as the Blacksmith Plover was not in the least concerned about what I called him. He told me so… he said “Plover; Lapwing, who gives a damn, so long as I remain a blacksmith man” so until I have an explanation… he remains a plover….






56 thoughts on “Plover or Lapwing, does not matter, a Blacksmith it will remain….

  1. I love a “two-tone” Plover…or Lapwing. I know Plovers, but I’ve never seen one with such distinctive coloring. Very nice! I’d like to know more about the name change, too! Interesting. 🙂

  2. I think you must be an all-purpose “animal whisperer.” You get so close to wildlife it blows my mind!
    ps. All the taxonomy changes drive me nuts, too! Every few months someone decides to reclassify something!

  3. Some animals just get more than one name I think, depending on what region you’re in… Recently had the same issue when someone said they took a picture of a mountain lion, but it was black so probably a puma. So I googled it and apparently, mountain lion, puma, cougar and sometimes even Leopard refer to same animal!

    Love your photos bulldog!
    Diana xo

    • I do agree a cougar, puma and mountain lion are all one and the same (Puma concolor)….Black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards (Panthera pardus). Black panthers in the Americas are black jaguars (Panthera onca)…. this poor bird was known by the same latin name so many years ago… now the lapwing is in and plover is out, but the latin name is the same…. not fair if you ask me…. poor bird… imagine if they decided you were no longer Diana and were now to be known as Pinky..??? I’d protest on your behalf. …

  4. No only does he not give a damn about the name, he doesn’t give a damn about your presence. The color combinations of South African birds continues to amaze me as they are so different than from ours.

    • Thanks Brian…. interesting question, I just went over to my lists… we have 967 countable birds in South Africa, which extends to 200 km off shore (not sure I’ll ever get to photo or see some of the albatrosses or the likes) … I have positively ID 453 of those countable and believe it photographed…. Ta da…. drum roll… 367 of them…. so to reach my goal of 90% I still have a long way to go…. should keep me busy till too old to do it any more….

    • When I collected my first Plover birds eggs in 1958, our only Google was the the Roberts Bird Book, there it referred to it as a plover with no reference to a lapwing…. no lapwing family etc… it is only recently that it has been included in the lapwing family, to the extent that the new books refer to them as Blacksmith Lapwings…. I hate that, in ’58 it was a plover …
      I want things to stay the same…. I want to be that young boy again as well, just with the knowledge I have now…. lol

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