Three little maidens from school are we…..

Many, many, maaaaannnnnyyyyy years ago, when in my first year at high school, I was shanghaied into playing a part in this Gilbert and Sullivan production of Mikado…. I was to play a maiden…

Now I have to thank my lucky stars that it was not a major part, but rather one of the young maiden chorus group… now stop that laughing… I may still need to visit a shrink in years to come…

When these three ducks or Cape teal came swimming around the corner the song came back to me as if it was yesterday…. Now I know I need psychologist….


Three little maids from school are we

Pert as a school-girl well can be

filled to the brim with girlish glee

Three little maids from school……………… hell I have a shiver going down my back….


Can you that know me, picture this body playing the part of a school girl ? Dressed in a pinafore reaching the ground…. and a bonnet six foot high (slight exaggeration) on my head and a forehead of curls that were made using curling irons ??  Didn’t think so… you don’t know how I prayed for the proverbial things to drop that my high voice would become a deep thunder……


But any way here is a few other photos of the Cape Teal…



59 thoughts on “Three little maidens from school are we…..

  1. I don’t think there’s a one of us who can imagine you as one of the little maids, Rob. What a fun memory to share. Isn’t it amazing how something can trigger a memory from so long ago and you’ve surely had some fun with it! The little “maids” in these photos are very sweet. They evoke such a peaceful response!

  2. Stunning pics again, bulldog. I also sang in the Mikado at school. What a pity we didn’t have you there as one of the little maids. I’m sure you were really cute, but I have to admit that it’s hard to imagine you with curly hair and a pinny. 😀

  3. Isn’t it strange that these cutie teals could remind you of days gone by Rob? 😆 I think you were one cute maiden and thanks for the laugh. You wrote it all so delightfully. 😀

    Great shots! The last one is my favouite. 😀

    • No Ronnie, one was forced to go and sing in front of the music teacher and she decided if you were in or not…. I tried all sorts but she still decided I had to be in the play… in hindsight I think it was to turn it into a comedy, which I managed to do single-handedly… by standing on a big beautiful shell at the outset and changing it into a mass of chips… from there on I just continued to bring the house down with my parents laughing the loudest….

  4. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Ok, now that I’ve stopped laughing, I have an idea. Since it’s almost Halloween, why don’t you dress up like a maiden again and post a picture here on your blog? I suppose you’ll have to find a wig, and I will have to make sure I’m not eating at the time so I don’t spew food all over my iPad, but I think it would be fabulous!! Please!!!! I know you have a great sense of humour and love to entertain your blogging family :).

  5. It is very hard to imagine you dressed as a maiden. Perhaps it’s in a teacher’s DNA to inflict maximum embarrassment while they still have the power to do so…. I once had to wear a pair of girl’s black tights as part of a soldier’s uniform (at primary school), which is an experience I have never forgotten. I cannot recall the name of the play or the teacher, but I do remember struggling with those tights…mentally scarred for life.

  6. Oh Bulldog, I am laughing so much at this one, finding it really hard to imagine you as a young maiden with curls…the things we are made to do as kids certainly do leave their mark…and as for these Three Little Maidens, I’m intrigued by their pink beaks and red/orange? eyes. The way you captured them like this three in a row is priceless, they are just so darn cute, love it 😀

    • The trouble was I was far too tall before my time and ended at least a foot taller than the next maiden… I also tripped around like the proverbial elephant… when we entered the stage there was a big shell for the main maiden to pick up… I stood on it…. she picked up the tiniest of pieces, which brought the house down… the trouble was my parents were laughing the loudest at me… turned the Mikado into a massive comedy….

  7. Imagine you like that Rob … Noooooo not our Rob !! Thank goodness the proverbial dropped … Great photos my friend and happy memories xx

    • There are photos, but not for here… I stood next to Wally Zuchini who was a senior and a pirate… I was at least 2 foot taller than him with my bonnet on…. remember Wally, his Dad was manager of Liebigs factory and he died in one of the Viscounts that the ters shot down….

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