Horses and more horses… with some beautiful tails…

I enjoyed this shoot even though the weather was not the best for photos,,, I’m still working on a few, but here’s some to whet your appetite….





This last horse was a really feisty fellow…. I have a good photo of it for tomorrow…

31 thoughts on “Horses and more horses… with some beautiful tails…

  1. No wonder the HORSE remains the most magnificent animal on Planet Earth for me. Just awesome photo-shoot Rob. Unusual for you as I have never seen horses on your agenda before so such a treat. That black horse at the end is pure perfection indeed. Ooh….ing and aah….ing..thanks so much for the spoil. xx

    • Hi Zita… thanks… I have many posts withing the 700 odd of horses… I love capturing them specially the wild horses of Kaapse Hoop… If it has 4 legs and moves I’ll attempt to capture it on camera…

  2. I never get bored with them and with their photographs dear Rob. They are amazing creatures and always fascinate me. You did wonderful photographs with them. They are special. Thank you, love, nia

    • Like I said to one other … tomorrows photo shows she never really had much control over the horse…. or she was trying to teach it a lesson unsuccessfully

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