A Feisty Fellow…. Can she control it?

I captured this photo of a horse giving its rider a tad of a tough time… I’m been informed it may be the way she was handling the horse that it performed like that…. in which case, shame on her, but if not I enjoyed the odd photo I got…


I loved the attitude of this horse… it so seemed to be enjoying the whole experience, almost smiling…


and I wondered what was so interesting, or what had caught its attention… or was the lovely lady whispering something to it..


Maybe … she was blowing in its nose… a horse whisperer…

50 thoughts on “A Feisty Fellow…. Can she control it?

  1. Such beautiful animals, aren’t they? My kids all ride and I loved being around the stables when they were taking lessons. Every horse has a very unique personality, which you captured really well in these pics!

  2. You should defo change your post from “photo of a horse giving its rider a tad of a tough time” to “rider giving the horse a tough time!”
    I inherited a horse a girl had pulled into a rear when she wanted to show off. He was a beautiful animal, but if he got into a tizzy – he would just rear up. He loved it with us, out on the farm; nothing ever frightened him there and he lived out his years mostly on four legs…I could fill up your blog with stories of him! Unfortunately, I don’t even have a photo…

  3. Judging from the rider’s jaw and mouth set, I’d say, “buck horse – run far, run fast.”
    What an attentive owner for the bay: lovely mane style…and knowing horses enjoy a muzzle scratch now and then (Now there’s a well trained owner?)

      • She sure wasn’t being kind to the horse 😦 ~ just “manhandling” it. I was actually surprised he didn’t throw her. The sign of a bad riding instructor, or just a student who doesn’t know any better. I rode for years and can honestly say I was never unkind to a horse or any other animal for that matter. The horse obviously had good manners though and didn’t throw her! We can all learn a lesson in patience from animals 😉

    • Thank you so much Ronnie… yep my trusty camera… it fell off the table the other day and my reaction caused Linda to query if she would receive the same treatment if she fell…. didn’t know how to answer…. lol

  4. Oh wow! That first action shot is absolutely stunning Rob and the others are just as amazing! You’ve captured their beauty so well! I absolutely love and adore horses! How lucky you are! 😀

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