Whaaatss Appp… been busy…

Been busy all day helping my little son… he is opening two businesses and Dad and Mom are here to help in any way we can.. at present he is utilising my carpentry skills… and it is great to have a saw and drill in my hands once more…

So what have I for today… a little fellow for you to see…. a steenbok…

At the first sign of trouble, steenbok typically lie low in the vegetation. If a predator or perceived threat comes closer, a steenbok will leap away and follow a zigzag route to try to shake off the pursuer. Escaping steenbok frequently stop to look back, and flight is alternated with prostration during extended pursuit. They are known to take refuge in the burrows of Aardvarks.

This pair wereΒ quite happy that I was no threat…A





50 thoughts on “Whaaatss Appp… been busy…

  1. You must be thrilled to help your son, just like when he was little. I think that way because my FIL is always happy to oblige my husband’s requests for help with his various home improvement projects. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Son is opening a Laundromat and a Barber shop… we are doing the shop fitting for him and then the training for a few months till all is running smoothly… lots of fun…

    • My one grand father was a carpenter and the other a blacksmith… so I’m pretty good with steel or wood and had too many businesses of our own not to know what is needed in his shops… hell its good to do this again… been missing it all….

  2. They look very timid and bright eyed creatures, which must have to be on alert nearly all the time to avoid potential predators. I like the middle photo best of all where the steenbok is enjoying a quiet moment to itself.

  3. Aaag – so pragtig! Amper lus gevoel en vreet jou fotos op. Hul bly maar die mooiste en grasieuste klein wildbokkies. Hul naam “steen” kom van die woord baksteen, en verwys hoofsaaklik na die rooibruin kleur. (Skuus – 1 punt op vir afrikaans! – eintlik Nederlands)

  4. Hi bulldog… I’ve been prowling around your site again, enjoying myself. I love all animals, I love pictures of animals, but the pics of that steenbok is positively adorable. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    • Edited your comment to read Ganja the correct spelling of what I was talking about,,, and yes if you want some I know where to get it…. the word as I spelt it is certainly not what I meant… lol…
      and the internet says it has fantastic healing powers so maybe its what you need for your ankle…

  5. I like your little poem about helping your son – very well done, you are just so darn clever with your words! Then you’ve got your photography – man, both, that’s just not fair!!!! πŸ™‚ Love the little fella, beautiful eyes – almost puppy dog eyes.

    • Thanks Jan.. I love this little buck… caught one by hand once when it did not notice me creeping up on it… (it was a while ago when I was younger and more supple and could creep) when in my arms the sound it made encouraged me to let it go quickly… the sound was like the cry of a baby… nearly broke my heart…

  6. Got a chuckle out of the title because I’m currently chatting via WhatsApp with a friend in Moscow.
    So I’m sitting in America reading a post from South Africa while messaging someone in Russia! How thoroughly 21st Century. Love this new modern world!!
    Ps. Love the steenboks too!

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