White-crowned Lapwing (Plover)… what a moustache….

Now I’m not going to say a word about the “lap..ver” but suffice it to say I did think about it…

The white-crowned lapwing, white-headed lapwing, white-headed plover or white-crowned plover (Vanellus albiceps) a bird known by many handles is found in South Africa….

This “lap..ver” is unmistakable. Its wings and tail are strikingly patterned in black and white, the back is brown and the underparts white. The head is particularly striking, being mainly grey, but with a white crown and foreneck. The eye ring, facial wattles and legs are yellow. Females, males and young birds are similar in plumage.

Wed 27-07-2011 036

I love that photo, and think I did a great job of it…

It is a wader which breeds on exposed sand or shingle near rivers. 2–3 eggs are laid in a ground scrape. The nest and young are defended noisily and aggressively against all intruders, up to and including the hippo. (Brave little bird)

Food is mainly insects and other small invertebrates. This species often feeds in small flocks when not breeding.

Wed 27-07-2011 035

Wed 27-07-2011 034

I wonder if that moustache tickles..??


64 thoughts on “White-crowned Lapwing (Plover)… what a moustache….

  1. I’ve never seen a bird with that kind of “mustache” quite honestly! Never–unless we go all way up in size to a turkey. 🙂 Fascinating little guy. The yellow color is just wonderfully distinctive!

  2. Perfect as always Rob … Makes me want to come on over and see some real animals in the wild … Have to make do with a Zoo at the moment. They say there are deer and pigs in the forests but have seen nothing since we have been here.

    • Sometimes I forget how privileged we are to still have access to all that we have… when I think of Rhodesia and what we had when young, compared to what they have now… we are still very lucky in RSA…

  3. Great shots. I think your Lapwings are easier to identify than ours.

    We have the MASKED LAPWING (Vanellus niles novaehollandiae) here, but I’ve only seen it in the Botanic Gardens near my home 3 times in the last 4 years. I have often wondered if it is more highly populace in the countryside (or mountains).

  4. You are a mine of information – at first look I thought it had caught something, didn’t realise the yellow was part of it – beautifully photographed and a real pretty wee bird.

  5. You must have been quite low down to get these shots Rob. Nice sharp photos, and the bird has tremendous colouring.

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