The Blacksmith and its young…. Plover of course….

The Blacksmith Lapwing or Blacksmith Plover (Vanellus armatus) is named for its repeated metallic ‘tink, tink, tink’ alarm call – which sounds similar to a blacksmith’s hammer striking metal. (bet you didn’t know that !!!! don’t worry neither did I)

The Blacksmith is usually monogamous — being loyal to one partner for the rest of its life, or until the mate dies, at which time it will pursue others. (Did you know that ?? I did)

The nest is a simple scrape in the ground, usually lined with vegetation, stones and mud flakes. The average clutch size consists of 1 to 4 eggs. Both parents incubate the eggs for about 26 to 33 days; typically in shifts of 20 to 80 minutes.


The young leave the nest within hours of hatching but remain close to their parents. They fledge when they are about 40 days old and usually self-sufficient a month later.

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Daddy keeping an eye…

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