Crowned Lapwing (plover)… a tenacious bird from a tenacious family..

Having recently posted a few post on Lapwings/Plovers I have received many interesting comments… our three-banded plover is similar to your “kildeer”… in fact they are of the same family as attested to by their Latin names…

But a lot of the comments were about the tenacious behaviour of this group of birds… they will attack anything that comes near their nests… they will also pretend to be hurt, have a broken wing, hoping you will follow them, and when far enough away from the nest, have a remarkable recovery and fly away…..


and sometimes they will raise their wings to make themselves look bigger to frighten off reptiles like snakes…

rietvlei 28-10-2012 337

rietvlei 28-10-2012 333

But there is definitely a tenacious or pertinacious (This bulldog is using big words now) nature displayed by these birds when faced by a possible danger..


But this group of birds are always a pleasure to watch, .. they will remain close at hand and allow one many an opportunity to get good captures… But for a real teaser here’s a bird that fascinated me…

beep boep

Have a great week ….