The many faces of BEWARE….

There are times that a picture can replace a thousand words…. and even at times it can replace just one word… these photos from a while back replace one word… that word RUN !!!


Don’t stop the eye is on you….


and I’m showing attention too….


But others are just taking the afternoon off…


75 thoughts on “The many faces of BEWARE….

  1. I love the perspective you give to these images Bulldog. Each photo sets a mood. I’m looking forward to what that new camera is able to do, or should I say the talent behind the lens. 😉

    • Oh I do so look forward to the camera arriving from America… with all the box of dice ordered to come with it… I know the extra 50% zoom is going to make a difference as well as the higher pixel count… but one of the main is the faster focus time… I miss so many good pics due to slow focus time… oh how I wish it was here… I’ve specially put off my trip to flamingo dam in Kimberly till it comes as this will be an ideal time to compare the cameras and their resultant photos…

  2. Great photos Rob. I especially like the close up of the eye, and the last shot. Based on what I have seen on TV and its diet the lioness has surprisingly healthy looking teeth.

    • Thanks Brian… I have actually never seen a lion with bad teeth, or so bad that you would say they needed a good clean… this one was unusually clean looking teeth, but I have seen better…

  3. Your followers’ comments all highlight how close up you were but the extra lens must have been part of the bravery. What a wonderful experience with these majestic cats that rule the animal kingdom. Thanks again Bulldog for wow photos. I always share with my visitors!

    • Thanks Zita… a 720 mm lens helps get close ups without placing one in any danger… my 1 000 mm lens is on its way to me as we speak… that will bring them even closer…

  4. It’s funny how the expressions and positions they take are just like domestic pet cats. Near us there’s one of those wildlife parks where they have Perspex between the lions and the visitors so you can literally get inches away – the lions have plenty of space to get right away, but they often choose to come right up to the Perspex, almost like they enjoy the reaction they get from the people! I’ll share a photo with you on Facebook later.

  5. Phew talk about up close and personal….! Magnificent photo shoot Bulldog but I don.t think my : “Here Kitty” will work here. LOL. So I will just watch from afar. 🙂

  6. …but they are soooooo lovely, how much I love these SMALL CATS 🙂 and now I am going to kiss my little BIG CAT, instead of them 🙂 Thank you dear Rob, I can’t imagine myself there, close to them… Love, nia

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