Charming Creek Walkway – A Ride full of Charm

This is a New Zealand couple that have a guest house… Jan who loves stopping at the bakery writes the words and Stephen does the camera work…. this blog is well worth the visit…. beautifully written and captured in photos…. this site should and could become a magnificent coffee table book….. have a look


We’re back up to Ngakawau to ride the Charming Creek walkway. Making the most of the guests staying who are keen mountain bikers from Vermont we wanted to take them on one of our favourite trails.  A great trail filled with plenty of charm.

charming creek walkway and tunel

We meet up at the car park with Lauren and Geoff and also Nina and her gorgeous dog Raewyn – friends from Westport.  The dogs are certainly ready for a good run.

Following an old tram line from the sawmill and coal mining days from a bygone era we head off winding our way around the Lower Ngakawau Gorge above the creek.  After much rain of late the creek is fair gushing and there are waterfalls aplenty adding to the interest of the ride.

charming creek waterfalls

While this is a relatively flat trail it can be a bit of a bumpy ride with many of the rails and…

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