Rolling Black outs, Intermittent internet, Mall openings and still no camera….

Where have I been? What have I been doing? and what am I going to be doing? Well to start with both of Sons businesses are now open and running, Linda and I getting the one off the ground…. the other managed by competent staff….

With intermittent internet, (a huge frustration in my life) and rolling blackouts country wide, due to all sorts of excuses from our electricity supplier.. I haven’t been able to post or for that matter even read posts…

I managed to reblog a post which was fairly quick and that is about all… I might even have posted a comment or two, but not very many… most frustrating when you are reading a post, comment and the answer comes back…. “Internet connection lost, no internet” and that spells out that….

The new mall had its opening this Saturday which seems to have gone off without any hitches, thanks to back up power plants that kicked in when the power switched off… But then I have to remember I live in Africa and things work differently here…. still I have the wild life and birds, even if, not as yet, my new camera…. Oh well, you call it Africa, we call it home and love it here…


Lets all laugh together as it aids with keeping ones sanity….


Stripes of a different kind… Hey what you doing in my photo??????