Rolling Black outs, Intermittent internet, Mall openings and still no camera….

Where have I been? What have I been doing? and what am I going to be doing? Well to start with both of Sons businesses are now open and running, Linda and I getting the one off the ground…. the other managed by competent staff….

With intermittent internet, (a huge frustration in my life) and rolling blackouts country wide, due to all sorts of excuses from our electricity supplier.. I haven’t been able to post or for that matter even read posts…

I managed to reblog a post which was fairly quick and that is about all… I might even have posted a comment or two, but not very many… most frustrating when you are reading a post, comment and the answer comes back…. “Internet connection lost, no internet” and that spells out that….

The new mall had its opening this Saturday which seems to have gone off without any hitches, thanks to back up power plants that kicked in when the power switched off… But then I have to remember I live in Africa and things work differently here…. still I have the wild life and birds, even if, not as yet, my new camera…. Oh well, you call it Africa, we call it home and love it here…


Lets all laugh together as it aids with keeping ones sanity….


Stripes of a different kind… Hey what you doing in my photo??????

58 thoughts on “Rolling Black outs, Intermittent internet, Mall openings and still no camera….

  1. Goodness! Sorry to hear things are so challenging right now…hope it gets better SOON!!! You must be sick of it by now!
    These images are wonderful…love, love, love the first one!!

  2. The blackouts are a pain! 2.5 hours to get home without traffic lights (20km). Tonight has been the first night in a week that I’ve been able to cook dinner…kind of tired of sandwiches if you know what I mean.

  3. We all seem to have a love, hate relationship with the internet at times. Hang in there! Looking forward to some stunning photos when your new camera arrives. 🙂

  4. I guess I take for granted the reliability of our electrical system. I hope things get restored to “normal” soon but in the meantime thanks for these laughs! Seriously! The pics are too cute! And the guy with the stripes behind the zebra, LOL.

  5. These blackouts are a nightmare – they don’t even seem to stay on the schedule. South Africa is such a beautiful country – it’s just a pity it’s run by totally incompetent people!!

  6. Good to know we aren’t the only one with internet problems – bone of my contention! Great news on the business front – congrats to you and your son. Bummer on the camera front – but it will come and what a treat for you when it finally does. Meantime we love your photos – no matter how few and far between you may get the opportunity to post them. A treat each time I get the notification.

  7. I think a trip to the dental hygienist might be in order for the zebra, but he takes a great photo anyway. I’m looking forward to some pre-Christmas sunshine in Lanzarote later this week, which is the closest I ever get to Africa (about 120km from west coast of Morocco). I hope and trust you will be clicking away with your new camera before I return to a wintery UK.

  8. I think someone needs to see a dentist LOL. As we travel, I can so relate to your internet woes. Good luck on the new business ventures and hope that new camera shows up soon 🙂

  9. Love the photos…gave me a smile, but sorry for all the hassle. I’ve been battling internet and email problems too for a while, so frustrating. I feel your pain Bulldog o_O All the best with your business ventures, hope all goes well and see you soon 🙂

  10. I have just listened to a part of the speech given by some Eskom person. Excuses, excuses. All I want to hear is: “Sorry, we have screwed up badly. None of us will get a bonus for the next 20 years.”

    I have some dental floss for that zebra 😉

  11. You really appreciate what you have when you don’t have it, eh? Thank goodness it’s only electricity! I know not having it is a pain in this modern world, but there are so many other “things” that I can think of that I would miss if they were no longer there. Does that make you feel any better?

  12. On and off internet, no camera yet – you must be soooo frustrated. I think you should eat large quantities of chocolate. That always makes me feel better :). Oh, and by the way, please call and make a dentist appointment for that zebra!! Love the shot though.

  13. We’ve had a similar problem here with the power and internet – but it’s due to so many storms rolling through the east coast. I hope you get your camera soon, Rob.

  14. I was thinking of you today and wondering if you’d received your camera! I got my answer…I know you’d be so thrilled to receive it, and you wouldn’t have any time to worry about intermittent Internet! I feel absolutely bereft when I lose connectivity! LOL! I hope everything gets “righted” before you know it!

  15. Haha! He needs a good dental hygienist! I love that look on his face! That guy in your photo is too funny. Stripes! Chuckle… Hope your camera comes soon! And your electricity is restored. Good grief! I couldn’t make it where there are blackouts. I may just live to see one here if the terrorists decide to short circuit our very old and out-of-date power grids!

    • Thanks George… with some days 4 hours a day no power is doing enormous damage to small businesses… we’re alright with the new shops with back up power plants… but internet is intermittent… sure the camera will get to me soon…

  16. Lots of challenges at the moment, and not the WordPress challenges either. Hope your electricity soon returns to normal, whatever ‘normal’ is. Congrats and good luck on the new business ventures. Love the zebra pic with the stripey photo-bomber. 😀

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