Laugh and the world laughs with you…

What is left for me to do but laugh?? I got to answer a few comments and hopefully will get to view a few posts… but please bear with me till things improve…

Thur 28-07-2011 052

beep boep

Thur 28-07-2011 053

Camera still on its way… power cuts every day… internet, a laugh… me?? what more can I do but laugh… Africa is a tough continent that one needs to get used to…

40 thoughts on “Laugh and the world laughs with you…

  1. What a beautiful bird! Africa is a gorgeous continent and I guess it’s only fair to the rest of us that you have some issues with internet connectivity! LOL! Poor Bulldog! I really do hope things turn around soon. I would be so frustrated. I really admire your attitude and humor. Maybe Santa has put the camera in his sack and will be arriving soon to surprise you! 🙂

  2. When I explain our internet to our guests I always say “put your patience cap on” – and if you see something flying then it is mine. Breaks the ice on the whole internet experience which by the sound of things is just as good as yours! I think your bird photos say it all really LOL Patience dear friend, patience.

  3. You’re not the only one with internet wows at the moment…. grrr…. so frustrating to be cut off in the middle of something. Hope that camera shows up SOON!

  4. Who is this representative of a fine species that is playing peep-a-boo? If it wasn’t for your inconsistent Internet, I would leave a video to go with this … after all, Bird is the word. Good luck with your wait and dealing with the electricity issues. … and a reminder, my holiday party is Saturday!

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