WOW… A Camera for me… from my Fairy God Mother…

I collected my box from the courier this morning early, I rushed back to join Linda at the Laundry and RIPPED open that box… (I lie, I opened it very very carefully.)

The box once open looked like the inside of a Father Christmas sack… it was full of goodies, including the camera.


Filters, seven of them, now I will have to learn when to use them. Batteries, four of them, plenty power there. Two chargers, one can be used to charge my batteries in the car. Lens attachments – a 2.2 x HD AF Telephoto lens and a 0.43 HD AF Wide angle lens. Will have to learn when to use them. A 16 GB and a 32 GB high speed memory card. A camera case and two tripods – the small one is tiny…

The camera I thought was more or less the same size as my HS10…. but Noooo this one is bigger and really has the greatest of feel and balances perfectly in ones hand.


I thought the camera would be similar in operation to my old one…. Noooo it ain’t, I need to return to collage to learn about this one… but nobody could stop me from rushing off to the bush to see what it can do and here are but two of the many I took this day….



A flower…


Hey what’s that in the centre… more zoom… damn a tick….


All this excitement of finally taking possession of a gift from my “Fairy God Mother” and I’m not allowed to say who she is … A gift… I thanked God for the gift of my wife Linda… and I thank God for this person… but how does one say thank you??

I’ve said it to her in emails, yet still feel it is not enough… I’ve tried virtual hugs, and I hope she feels it…. but you know who you are, —- you are someone I will never in my life forget and every photo I take will be dedicated to you…. and can my photos get better with this camera..??.. you want to see some of the others I took today….

Sorry about the two posts today but I’m sure you don’t blame me…

Emu? .. e=mc²?… No a emu in Kathu… Upington actually.

When in Upington we spent the night at a lodge and much to my delight we had a emu visit us at our lodge… got up nice and close for a few facial photos… and here they are…

Not going to tell you much about the emu… my Aussie followers can do that… all I’ll say is our Ostrich makes this guy look small….







The last one looks drunk… by the time you read this my new camera will be in my hands… all going well……..