Emu? .. e=mc²?… No a emu in Kathu… Upington actually.

When in Upington we spent the night at a lodge and much to my delight we had a emu visit us at our lodge… got up nice and close for a few facial photos… and here they are…

Not going to tell you much about the emu… my Aussie followers can do that… all I’ll say is our Ostrich makes this guy look small….







The last one looks drunk… by the time you read this my new camera will be in my hands… all going well……..


26 thoughts on “Emu? .. e=mc²?… No a emu in Kathu… Upington actually.

  1. Ah…my friend, Eddie the emu, cousin of Ozzie the Ostrich. And that last picture is not Eddie being drunk, He is only surprised and excited because Eddie and Ozzie have decided to go on a trip to visit their dear cousin Rita the rhea! 😀

    • Thanks Naomi… have been out with it already and done a post on it… I love it, but will need to do some instruction reading for all the “bells and whistles”…

    • Thanks Robert… I must admit I prefer them to our Ostrich … yes the ostrich is bigger, but can take an ugly kick at one… the emu seems far more friendly…

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