WOW… A Camera for me… from my Fairy God Mother…

I collected my box from the courier this morning early, I rushed back to join Linda at the Laundry and RIPPED open that box… (I lie, I opened it very very carefully.)

The box once open looked like the inside of a Father Christmas sack… it was full of goodies, including the camera.


Filters, seven of them, now I will have to learn when to use them. Batteries, four of them, plenty power there. Two chargers, one can be used to charge my batteries in the car. Lens attachments – a 2.2 x HD AF Telephoto lens and a 0.43 HD AF Wide angle lens. Will have to learn when to use them. A 16 GB and a 32 GB high speed memory card. A camera case and two tripods – the small one is tiny…

The camera I thought was more or less the same size as my HS10…. but Noooo this one is bigger and really has the greatest of feel and balances perfectly in ones hand.


I thought the camera would be similar in operation to my old one…. Noooo it ain’t, I need to return to collage to learn about this one… but nobody could stop me from rushing off to the bush to see what it can do and here are but two of the many I took this day….



A flower…


Hey what’s that in the centre… more zoom… damn a tick….


All this excitement of finally taking possession of a gift from my “Fairy God Mother” and I’m not allowed to say who she is … A gift… I thanked God for the gift of my wife Linda… and I thank God for this person… but how does one say thank you??

I’ve said it to her in emails, yet still feel it is not enough… I’ve tried virtual hugs, and I hope she feels it…. but you know who you are, —- you are someone I will never in my life forget and every photo I take will be dedicated to you…. and can my photos get better with this camera..??.. you want to see some of the others I took today….

Sorry about the two posts today but I’m sure you don’t blame me…


59 thoughts on “WOW… A Camera for me… from my Fairy God Mother…

  1. This is just so exciting, Rob. I have been eager to see when the camera would arrive and your gratitude is really noted. I’m sure this special someone knows how much you have been thrilled by this gift, and that you would really enjoy being more open in your praise if you could. I’m smiling with delight at someone’s generosity! We are all going to be the recipients of this privilege when it comes to watching you learn the tricks of this new “toy”–what a gem it is! 🙂

  2. Cheers to the arrival of your new toy because I’m sure you’ve been full of excitement anticipating the arrival. Now that its here, I’m confident each day will be a new learning experience as you work toward mastery.

  3. Wow Bulldog, what an amazing are blessed indeed by your Fairy Godmother and so happy you got your camera at long last. Have lots of fun with it, as I know you will! On that note, I’ll wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year (I’m signing off later today, can’t keep up with blogging and getting ready for the family descending for a week). Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful pics next year…take care my friend 🙂

  4. It came!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! What an amazingly generous gift…the images are perfection and I can’t wait to see what else you do. So wonderful to have a fairy Godmother…I’m sure she can feel your excitement and gratitude!

    • Thanks Suzanne.. I have more to learn about this camera than I thought I’d have… so many different features… but now I feel I’m up there with the Canons and Nikons….

  5. How excited I am for you. Nothing’s better (in my book) than a new lens, let alone a new body and all the accompanying ‘toys’.
    Let me know how you go with the filters. With the bright sun spoiling many of my images ‘down under’ in Australia, a graduated filter is probably one of the few new toys I actually need. I can never see whether my polarizing filter is on in the correct position when I’m down the beach.

  6. Dalle tue parole traspare tutto l’entusiasmo e la felicità per questa nuova macchina fotografica, praticamente come i bambini quando ricevono un giocattolo nuovo. Stupendo sentire la tua emozione.
    Ciao, un abbraccio e fai tante belle foto 🙂

  7. Wahoo – that is super exciting – I can feel your excitement, just a little bit anyway LOL. Well done to your fairly godmother – special lady who has made a special man very very very very…….. very happy!

  8. What a fantastic looking camera, and such a lot of bit and bobs to go with it! Your first photos are stunning, and I can see that you’re really going to have lots of fun with your new toy. Your ‘Fairy Godmother’ is a Heaven sent blessing in your life. So happy for you. 🙂

  9. How exciting. Let the fun begin. Perhaps with a little Googling you could find a tutorial on the camera. I found one on my Panasonic and it made the world of difference with several ah-hah moments. Happy shooting 🙂

    • I am going through the manual, but no way will I ever remember all of the features…. one thing is for sure, 2 to 3 months before I know this camera…. it does everything except sing the “Star spangled banner”…

  10. That is a thing of beauty for sure!! I could totally feel your excitement through this blog post, and who could blame you. You lucky dog – can I borrow your fairy godmother? LOL. Yours photos are always amazing, but I can’t wait to see all the future amazing captures from your new baby. Congrats!

  11. This post made me smile from ear to ear. Your acknowledgements were perfect. Take lots of pictures and have fun. Everyone deserves to have a fairy godmother pop into their life from time to time. 😀 😀

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