Boys and their Toys…

A stroll with the new camera gave me a few opportunities to try out the new camera… This Purple Roller family really tested me… bot photos of the parents the focus is not quiet on the bird, but rather the surrounding twigs… the young though I seem to have got right… having a hell of a lot of fun working it all out….



Other parent…


and the youngster…



41 thoughts on “Boys and their Toys…

  1. The second shot looks superb to me, Bulldog.

    I think all it really takes is learning your particular camera’s abilities and then applying them with lots of practice. If a bird is motionless, I change from the 9 focal points (on my DSLR), to just one, aim for the bird’s eye, using my lens on AF (as my eyesight is very poor), and press the shutter button. Sometimes I take several photos (if the bird remains still) and just……….pray that one of them turns out ok.

    I often crop a wee bit or ‘tweak’ the contrast or light, using my basic Mac’s iPhoto software. I used to use PSE9 and Picasa 3 when I had a desktop computer years ago.

    I envy photographers with good eyesight. I also envy those that have the ability to sit/stand for quite some time observing their subject and working out the best camera settings and angle. I can’t sit/stand or kneel for very long due to lumbar back pain. I also can’t bend or twist very much using a tripod, so most of my bird shots are hand-held. Same at home. I can’t sit or see well enough to spend much time on editing either. I guess we all adapt to any shortcomings we might have (if any).

    • Thanks Vicki… at full size I’m not perfectly focused in the first two… my eye is confusing the twigs and the birds … reduced in size they are fine… the last two are perfect… the auto focus is better than my eyes at the mo, but there are times I have to use the manual focus… which by the way is magnificent on this camera… so quick and easily accessible on the camera…

  2. How far away from the birds where you when you got these shots? And I’m interested in the answers to Brian’s questions as well.

    • Mrs P approx 20 -25 m… 60 -75 ft. (Not sure if you’re metric or not)… the zoom is phenominal and has made the approach so much easier on the old body… I love to take close ups and this camera has made that possible…. I have some photos of the Glossy Starling with food for its young that I can actually id what it has caught…. very happy with the camera… don’t believe fujifilm can improve on this camera

      • Bulldog, net om in te kom hier waar jy skryf “…don’t believe fujifilm can inprove on this camera”. Ek lees in WEG! tydskrif waar Toast Coetzer skryf dat mense in die toekoms nie juis meer beter kameras gaan koop nie. Die Tegnologie hierin het hul maximum bereik in die afgelope paar jaar. Van nou af moet ons kyk na beter lense…

  3. Your clearly had a lovely day for a walk with your new camera, and some inspiring results. Out of curiosity, do you shoot in raw files or jpegs, and what software do you use for processing your photos?

    • It was a great day for a walk, hot with a cool wind…
      Brian I shoot in jpeg, ’cause I don’t own a program for working a raw file…. the only processing I do is a little on picsas a free software from microsoft (I think) the new camera needs so little adjustment, in fact most need none…. I have done some captures in raw and used the fujifilm supplied software but to behonest I’m not impressed with the results. I think one needs a good software package for the best results….
      The new camera takes such good captures on the auto settings, at present I am using them with a lot of manual focus, I have never worked with a camera whose manual focus is so good and quick as the HS50EXR….

      • Thanks for reply Rob…I’m currently trialing photo software hence my question. I currently use the free software that came with my camera (Nikon NV2), and sometimes Picasa (owned by Google). I would like something better without going to expense of Photoshop, but all products appear to have their strengths and weaknesses.

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