Publication Mania

Any budding writer should read this post and even for that matter scroll down and read my comment on the post… Good one Anneli…

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Publication Mania

One of the saddest things I see among beginning writers is their burning need to publish before their work is ready. For many writers in the early days of their career, publication at this stage often comes at the expense of their reputation as a good author.

Writers’ groups, for all their many good deeds, are sometimes gathering places for pompous snobs. I want to be clear that I am not down on writing groups. Far from it. The writing group I belonged to for several years involved a wonderful collection of writers who brought a variety of skills and experience, and who wrote in many different genres. The majority of the members were down-to-earth and extremely helpful to new writers.  However, my writing group also happened to have several authors whose agenda included basking in the prestige of “being published” rather than first concentrating on producing their best work or helping…

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12 thoughts on “Publication Mania

  1. My mind wanders way too much for me to write anything that’s worth it. It’s way more interesting reading what others have to say and there are some great writers here on WordPress. Great share Rob and I can’t wait to see your book. 😀

        • Sonel with a good editor anyone can write… lol… I thought of changing my title to “The life of Bulldog as written by Anneli as told to her by me”… She sure worked hard on this bad English of mine…

          • I am glad you think so Rob, but I can promise you that Anneli will pull her hair out if she must edit my writing. LOL! I don’t think I want to punish anyone like that.

            hahahah! You’re so funny! I am sure it wasn’t that bad, but I am glad you have her on your side. Keep going. 😀

  2. Thanks so much for re-blogging my post, Rob. It’s great to be able to reach more people and get their feedback. I enjoyed editing your book and can’t wait to read the finished book when it’s published.

  3. Great advice, thanks so much Bulldog for re-blogging this excellent post by Anneli. I am still a way away from book publication (yes, still writing that illusive first draft!) and so I take serious note of all she says.

  4. I can see why you have re-blogged this article. It’s so engaging, and makes excellent points about writers and writing – I look forward to seeing your finished book.

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