A weekend of work… Rewarding…

We spent last weekend in Upington finishing off the Barbershop that Boy has opened there… We stayed over at Tshahitsi Lodge, a beautiful place of which I will do a separate post … it is a very relaxing spot with a small dam in the centre…

On Sunday morning I rose before the sun did and went and ensconced myself in a good spot next to the dam hoping for a little reward… Well hidden some birds came too close to photograph as I would have frightened them with movement, but it was nice to get up close. However I did capture a few hundred photos some of which I will share below…









This guy was close…



The new camera certainly allows me to get closer to things….



61 thoughts on “A weekend of work… Rewarding…

  1. Patience rewarded bulldog. Gorgeous images. I love seeing all the colorful and different birds of Africa. I haven’t found any like that here…..well except for the mourning doves. Great lens you have there for those up close and personal shots. Have a great week ahead 😉

  2. Congratulations on finishing off the barber shop! Does Boy use hot towels on his customers, do you know? I had a haircut the other day and the very best part was during the shampoo, when they placed a hot towel over my forehead and eyes. I fell asleep for a minute 🙂
    Your pictures are beautiful, Bulldog. I especially like the one of the moon.

  3. It looks like you and your new camera are becoming very good friends. That 3rd picture of little bird on the stalk of grass is stunning … and then of course there is the moon. Damn, you were really close! 😉

    • Never … we have the world famous Roberts bird book and a few others of which i have copies… they are too good with 947 species of birds found here…. I am trying to get photos of all 947 and now have 403…. my life I think will be too short to get them all… lol… Roberts started in the 1800s and his legacy is kept alive by 4 experts that update all the time for nothing.. all monies raised go to the new books and for bursaries for upcoming experts to study and I’m considered too old to qualify. … but my book (the hard copy not the ebook) will be full of photos I’ve taken….

  4. I’m just at a loss for words bulldog (of course you know that’s uncommon for me) – magnificence doesn’t quite reach far enough to describe your artistry, but I am truly loving your experimentation with the camera. It not only allows you to get closer to things… it also allows us to get a closer look at many things that we would have never had the opportunity to bring into our vision without your photos and kindness to share them with us. Thank you…

      • I just upgraded my camera to a newer model too, and I’m finally getting some time to experiment with it. We’re under a severe cold warning today, and it’s currently -28C. However, that means that the snowy owls have come to visit, and I stood shivering at the side of the road yesterday taking pictures of a beauty sitting on top of a hydro pole. Hopefully he’s there today too :).

        • The experimenting is the most fun.. at present I take the first shot on Auto and then change settings… the only way to learn as the instruction book is 150 pages long and 90% of it I don’t understand… lol

  5. I love the way you can wander down to a local dam and find such a wonderful variety of birdlife – great to see.

  6. I agree with Julie, your pics are absolutely fantastic! Pity in a way for novices like me, that photography is highly technical – cant even understand the instruction book!

    • Thanks for the complement Keith, but these days most cameras do it all for you… my new camera is very good this way as I like to learn with trial and error… the book is only 150 pages long and I can’t understand 90% of it…. lol…

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