Anyone know of a good dentist ?

This little guy seemed to have bitten off more than he could chew… the beetle got stuck between his top teeth … he struggled for a while but soon dislodged it… it then went one way —- down the hatch….




Can you see it..?



46 thoughts on “Anyone know of a good dentist ?

  1. Guess the Heimlich Maneuver would be useless in this case…if he would let you bear-hug him from behind in the first place… 😉 And I don’t think they make large enough toothpicks. Wait, they are called spears! But you have to be gentle, not a skill most people wielding spears are known for.

  2. Fantastic shots, Rob! wow. This sometimes happens to my dogs when I walk them through the cane fields – they chew on some cane and it gets lodged in the roof of their mouth. I have to get my hand in there and pull it out. I’m so glad this little guy managed to get it out on his own! 😀

  3. How very cool bulldog. Great capture. You must have been shooting one frame after the other to catch this action. Meerkat are such cute comical looking animals. I always loved seeing them in the bush 😉 Have a super weekend.


  4. Wow. How clever you are to catch that image of the beetle. You must have very quick reflexes and eyesight to catch that last photo, but I suppose out of 598, you’re bound to catch some unexpected action. Well done. (I’m impressed as I’m often too slow to photograph this sort of thing).

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