I knew I heard a beetle … crunchy…

There has to be something down here… I heard it…


I’m telling you I heard a noise….


See I told you………


A snack for now…. this is yummy….



50 thoughts on “I knew I heard a beetle … crunchy…

  1. The meerkat looks determined and resilient. I can remember seeing them on TV eating scorpions which seems a dangerous thing to do. I wander what predators the meerkat has to guard against? It must be difficult for another animal to catch and kill a fully grown meerkat.

    • many a cobra has tried and normally ends as a meal itself… these are team players and there is even a vid clip of a lion backing off from a wounded meerkat…

  2. You always tell such fascinating stories through your shots! I am fascinated at their long nails. The last shot rocks!

  3. From the look of those claws, I don’t think I would want this little guy angry with me. It must be my sense of humour, but I always laugh when I see an animal digging furiously like that 🙂

  4. Brilliant – persistence pays off ha-ha. Look at that look once he is eating it – stay away or else didn’t you see the trouble I went to to get this thing! Brilliant.

  5. The flamingo still your favorite? these guys are pretty funny. No I guess the flamingo is still more elegant. ;o) your right.

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