Frog went a courting… but ended as a meal…

“A frog went a courting and he did ride,

Rolyborinktumkimo, and he took miss mousey by his side……. “

BUT a meerkat caught his scent…. and the pictures tell the story further…..



And then a Glossy Starling decided he might get a morsel….


But before that angry encounter could take place one of the others dashed in for a fight…




and the birds returned to find all was gone….


This was the most amazing thing to experience… how it kept its back to the birds and then had to swallow really quick before the mate too it away…


61 thoughts on “Frog went a courting… but ended as a meal…

  1. Surprising the starlings are prepared to get this close to a meerkat – perhaps just hoping for stray scraps.

  2. Ah yes, the circle of life. My Thanksgiving post shared a similar tale featuring Pelicans. I felt so badly for the one guy that had been trying for at least twenty minutes to digest a fish only to have it stolen right out of his mouth.

  3. Send that meerkat over here bulldog. We have plenty of frogs around our ponds that he/she can use for a meal. It will give us some sleep and a break from their amorous calling. Great image and post. Have a good week 🙂

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