Which is it? A Cape or Orange River white–eye.

My recent visit to Upington gave me these captures, but according to the books I have, I can not make out if this is a Cape or Orange River White-eye… so any experts that wish to help please jump right on in and add your opinions…

As for yesterdays post… no one seems to have the answer to instant riches, so I’ll continue on my happy pathway I’m presently on. I refuse to kiss the backend of a Bank Manager ever again, (15 years ago was the last time) so if the money is not available out of my pocket, a dream remains a dream… but then are dreams not that which keep us alive…????

I learnt of a childhood friend whose husband had passed, in his 60’s where I am… and one ponders if you knew when, would you do things differently? Not sure I would, except borrow all I could from the Bank manager… that would give him a headache trying to recover it after I’m gone… and that would give me my last laugh in this world….

Anyway I captured these photos on my last visit to Upington and I’m not sure of its ID… enjoy and feel free to comment if you can help with the ID…


Again a little guy only 11 cm tip to tip…


and this one, not that well focused but might help the experts…


Taken early morning in the Kalahari, isn’t the blue of the sky not divine? No smog, just beautiful clean air…

47 thoughts on “Which is it? A Cape or Orange River white–eye.

  1. Such beautiful, crystal-clear blue skies and such an adorable little fellow…the bird I mean, haha 🙂 But of course, you know I mean you too Bulldog 🙂 A finch of some kind? I’ve had a mystery bird at my feeders, think it’s a Mistle Thrush, unusual around here there days. I’m worried it will see my robin off, do you think? Robin is territorial and has taken over, I see him there every day now 🙂 And yes, we must keep dreaming, never, ever give up on our dreams 🙂

  2. Quite the blue sky, but this may be the first time I can remember when you aren’t sure of the species. Old age creeping in? … 😉 … I couldn’t resist. Wishes of comfort to your friend and those around her.

    • The LBJ’s (little brown jobs) are not my favourite as they are in some cases very similar… learnt my lesson about being positive about an ID when I got it wrong once… It is actually an Orange river but I wanted to see if any of the critics are still watching my blog…

  3. Certainly better if we don’t know when we go. Still they say live everyday as if it was your last….enjoy every moment…. with the beautiful blue sky no problem!

  4. That third image almost looks like our little Aussie Silvereye or Yellow White-eye.

    I think we all have ‘Instant riches’, but 99% of the population don’t recognise the richness of their current life and are forever wanting more than they have. When you define ‘riches’ as monetary or material, you miss out on so much of the sheer joy of living. Its like having tunnel vision.

    Many people have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear, a nose that does not smell and a heart that is closed to the richness of life. If you open your heart to the wealth of understanding, sharing and joy of giving, you will never be poor or lonely.

  5. I’m so sorry for your loss bulldog. As we get older it seems that there are more often times we hear bad news. A loved one gone too soon or ill in hospital. There was a time when all I received were wedding/engagement/baby shower invitations and/or news. Now it’s the opposite. The circle of life perhaps? Maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t know what fate has in store for us. That way we’re pretty much forced to make the best of each and every day. I, for one, have never regretted resigning my position at work in lieu of staying another 4 years trapped in a stressful rat race with my health suffering. So I’m with you there. No point in kissing anyone’s rear!! The instant riches in my book are not of the monetary kind. They are waking up every day with the man I love, soulmate and best friend. That’s something money can’t buy. Yes, it would be nice to have plenty of the $$$$’s or in your case RRR!! But money can’t buy that elusive happiness. Your loved ones, your beautiful photographs (a hobby you obviously love and have great passion for as it shines through the images) and being able to venture out into the bush beats money any day of the week. As for the gorgeous little bird, I’m no expert so I won’t even hazard a guess. Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words. Darn I’d wanted to keep this short but I started rambling. Keep shooting bulldog. Love your blogs 🙂 Keep them coming.

  6. He is a cutie. Looks very similar to our wax eye. I think I may do things differently but ultimately where I am now I’m happiest so if doing things differently along the way has any possibility of not ending up here then no I’d do it all the same just to ensure this end result now is what I get. Never look back only look forward – you can change the future but can’t change the past so no point dwelling on it. Dream Bulldog and aim high – you never know those dreams may be reached along the way.

  7. That bird is certainly looking around, evaluating, and ready to do something. (must run back and catch up on reading…but yeah, best to use calculated risk reasoning and go ahead. Only so much time and energy allotted. You’re out there doing fine. Impressive)

  8. The sky is a glorious blue bulldog! So sorry for your friend’s loss. Not sure I would borrow a bunch of money if I knew when I would die, that would just leave my loved ones with a mess to deal with, no? Hope you learn what kind of bird that is bulldog! ❤
    Diana xo

  9. I cannot help with the (id) but like your pictures anyway, especially the first one. The last one, as you say, is not quite razor sharp, but is close to being very good indeed. I envy your blue sky today as it is barely above freezing in parts of the UK with snow forecast. Still, it does bring birds to the garden feeders in greater numbers.

    • Thanks Brian… I cropped the last to see if some of the local experts can help… needed the fuller breast view to help them decide… it was not the best photo but it is these that often help us with the ID… these two white-eyes are so close in colour I can’t tell the difference between them…. the Kalahari has the most beautiful blue skies early morning, must be something to do with the desert type surrounds… best sunsets also…

    • Sometimes I wonder if I’m not too bold and outspoken… but would I do things differently? I think not… been blessed in many many ways and that I must not loose sight of… thanks Joanne….

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