Oh NO it broke…. my computer that is…

PANIC…. turn on the computer and nothing happens…. oh no! when last did I back up?  So long ago I can’t remember… Quick change underpants…. now lets disconnect the battery and see what happens…. !!!

What are all those colours flashing across the screen, hell now they have disappeared and all I have is a blank screen….. is it a virus??

Let’s try again… hold on why is the screen of the laptop so wonky??  Sh…t it’s falling apart.. a bit of hand pressure and a click and something has repaired itself…. quick get the Elastoplast, apply to computer screen hinges and start again…..

Yippee the screen works as does everything else… now where is that external hard drive, lets do a backup …. 

I’m sure it has happened to all of you at some stage… I nearly had a heart attack… but all seems well now and I no longer have to try and catch up using my Tab (the small one that is)…

Here’s a few birdy picks, don’t know what it is have not had the time to look it up…







58 thoughts on “Oh NO it broke…. my computer that is…

  1. The deadly feeling of fear is understandable – been there. After panic over, the failure to do some serious backing up straight away is inexcusable. Been there, too, Still kicking self.

  2. I have experienced the “blue screen of death” and I lost so much at that time I pay for a service that backs up my computer in the cloud. I hope you are religiously backing up your wonderful photography…you dodged a bullet this time, Rob. 🙂

  3. These moments are hard on the heart! I just went through one as well. Thank God my son got me to sign up for Carbonite several years ago; it’s a program that backs up my photos into the Cloud.
    I love your birdies.

    • Thanks Angeline my photos are always duplicated to an external drive… but I cannot loose all my business data… got to remember to back up regularly…

  4. Nice pics, Rob. I’ve got some birds pics I was going to post hoping you could identify the breed. Maybe I should stop being lazy and look them up myself 😉

  5. I think the thought of losing our computers strikes terror in everyone’s heart. For sure I would be having a major panic attack!

    I’m assuming these are photos taken with your new camera? They are just spectacular. WOW!

  6. Penso sia la paura che hanno tutti, quella di perdere il contenuto del pc e non avere fatto un backup!! Speriamo non mi succeda mai, o mi spariscono tutte le foto, anche se una copia l’ho fatta, ma non è mai completa di tutto. Umm forse meglio se mi decido a farla 🙂
    Molto belle le foto, lieta di rileggerti caro Bulldog!!
    Ciao, Pat

  7. Many years ago I had a computer crash on me and lost many family photos. I have learned the wisdom of backing up often. Glad you did not have that experience Bulldog.

    • We lost all our photos in the flood of 2001… so I back up my photos the day I down load them… don’t know why I can’t do it for my business as well…. laziness…

  8. “Quick, change underpants”? Did you swap for Superman undies? 😀 The last time my computer did the dirty on me, it lost a huge document I had almost finished for work. Now I’ve learned my lesson, and I back up all my documents. Lovely bird, glad to see that they ignore professional cameras too.

  9. Good to see you back with more photos. I will now back up my computer after putting it off for months.

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