Busy?.. Who me?.. Too busy to blog.!!

Why can I not find time to get back to blogging?? ‘Cause I’m too busy… Where?? Here….

2014-12-10 15.46.24

This is one of Len’s businesses that we came to Kathu to help get up and running…. now we can’t find the brake… We are (Linda and I) actually enjoying the experience and business is picking up tremendously…

At the moment we even have to work all Saturday and Sunday just to keep up… Damn it’s great when a plan comes together… but not good for camera work… I just don’t have the time when working to do a little camera work… and we have been busy like this now since the beginning of February….

So here’s looking at you kids… hope to reply to the comments in this week… still haven’t managed to answer all of the last post….