Busy?.. Who me?.. Too busy to blog.!!

Why can I not find time to get back to blogging?? ‘Cause I’m too busy… Where?? Here….

2014-12-10 15.46.24

This is one of Len’s businesses that we came to Kathu to help get up and running…. now we can’t find the brake… We are (Linda and I) actually enjoying the experience and business is picking up tremendously…

At the moment we even have to work all Saturday and Sunday just to keep up… Damn it’s great when a plan comes together… but not good for camera work… I just don’t have the time when working to do a little camera work… and we have been busy like this now since the beginning of February….

So here’s looking at you kids… hope to reply to the comments in this week… still haven’t managed to answer all of the last post….




48 thoughts on “Busy?.. Who me?.. Too busy to blog.!!

  1. To that your are keeping busy … and cheers to the business being off to a good start. Hang in there … but because you don’t have as much time for the camera, maybe you should send it back. 😉

  2. Congrats on another family business adventure, I like the clothes peg branding. And two good bird photos to finish your post.

  3. Un bell’impegno, ma l’importante è che alla fine i risultati siano positivi.
    Bel blog manchi, però capisco che ci sono delle priorità, quindi appena possibile sicuramente tornerai a deliziarci con le tue bellissime foto.
    A presto. Ciao, Pat

  4. So good to hear that you are cleaning up in business!
    (Hey, SOMEBODY had to say it!) 🙂
    Missing your regular fabulous shots of the wild and wonderful, though.

  5. Very pleased to hear it is just due to work committments that we haven’t “seen” you lately. Always good to be busy – nothing worse than being bored, not that that is possible with you and your camera but still 🙂

  6. Wel – solank jul net goed geld maak. Len is bevoorreg om ouers soos julle te hê.
    Oepsie – as mens eers agter raak met die blogs? Rof. Maar nou ja, mens kan ook net doen wat jy kan …

  7. Glad to hear because when I don’t hear from you I worry, I was just thinking about you yesterday? Hmm I hope Bulldog is OK, remembering a time you said to blog gets hard, “i think to myself”. then this blog. HAHA, When I saw you this morning silly me instead of, I should have prayed I will remember next time. So very glad you OK because then I would have felt even more guilty. ;O)

    Have a great day Mr and Mrs bulldog.

    • Thanks Kymeem… yes it is keeping us busy and away from normal life… but till we have it well under control and running smoothly for son we will continue the hard work… he is full time employed and these are retirement builders for him… clever kid, got his mothers looks and fathers brains…

  8. Life happens..
    I’ve been low key on the WP lately too. Kids & their activities…
    Try to take it easy & remember to catch a few breaths here & there.

  9. Lovely bird shots and don’t worry about replying. I’ve long given up replying to comments when life has gotten busy.

    Great to hear the new business is doing really well.

  10. I run into the same dilema, that;s one of the reasons I don’t do daily posts. Glad to hear business is picking up and that you both are helping out…sounds like your boy picked a winner.

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