Quiver tree…. Arrow quivers grow on trees?..

Aloe dichotoma (the quiver tree or kokerboom) is a tall, branching species of aloe, indigenous to Southern Africa, specifically in the Northern Cape region of South Africa, and parts of Southern Namibia.

I’m in the Northern Cape and have tried to capture this tree on camera, in such a way as to show how impressive this tree actually is…

This from Wikipedia.. “Known as Choje to the indigenous San people, the quiver tree gets its English common name from their practice of hollowing out the tubular branches of Aloe dichotoma to form quivers for their arrows. The species name "dichotoma" refers to how the stems repeatedly branch into two ("dichotomous" branching) as the plant grows.”

Here are a few photos…






48 thoughts on “Quiver tree…. Arrow quivers grow on trees?..

  1. These shots are amazing Bulldog – thanks for giving us a glimpse of such beauty that we might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. Glad business is booming but sure miss the regular posting. I got spoiled when I was discovering new posts nearly on a daily basis.
    Hope your days are filled with enjoyment even though your working so much…

  2. You captured the size and detail of this interesting tree very well, Rob. I think I have seen this same Aloe in one of the cactus and succulent gardens at one of our best botanical gardens, although if it’s the same, the specimen wasn’t this large. I have started taking notice of how many of the Aloes come from South Africa–maybe they all do! I wonder about all the insects and birds that live off this fabulous tree!

  3. Wow I’ve never seen that tree before Bulldog. From the first photo it looked more like a cabbage tree but so different close up. Amazing bark on it – looks ready to fight!

  4. I wonder if the aloe-vera like tops have medicinal qualities to them like the aloe-vera plant and tree does?
    Great shots, bulldog.

  5. If I were to describe it from a Canadian reference. I’d say it has dense branches near the top with aloe vera-like growths at the very top. Never seen anything like it bulldog! Is it a succulent, desert-like tree?
    Diana xo

  6. An interesting looking tree, which is new to me. I particularly like the shape of the tree and the intricate way the branches grow.

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