A reflective post….

As another year passes by and age is now less important than health and happiness, one tends to reflect on the past.

To publish or not to publish, one of those thoughts that now clutters my mind.

Sat 23-07-2011 008

Does one leave this for the future family to read when I’ve passed away? Do you publish for others to read, criticise, dispute or maybe even enjoy? How many photos do you add to the book from a library of 45 000 odd photos? Or do you collect more with the new camera?

Some photos go back more than ten years… see I was even pondering and contemplating then…


Or was I merely enjoying the elephant passing close by…?


(You don’t want to know what camera took this photo… I think Jan van Riebeeck brought it to South Africa when he landed in the Cape.)

But while we drag our past behind us,….


We also look forward to the future and what it could hold for us… and as long as it has family, happiness and more birds to photo it can’t be all that bad…

To my family, thank you, you have all brought great joy into my life and I know you will all continue to do so….