A reflective post….

As another year passes by and age is now less important than health and happiness, one tends to reflect on the past.

To publish or not to publish, one of those thoughts that now clutters my mind.

Sat 23-07-2011 008

Does one leave this for the future family to read when I’ve passed away? Do you publish for others to read, criticise, dispute or maybe even enjoy? How many photos do you add to the book from a library of 45 000 odd photos? Or do you collect more with the new camera?

Some photos go back more than ten years… see I was even pondering and contemplating then…


Or was I merely enjoying the elephant passing close by…?


(You don’t want to know what camera took this photo… I think Jan van Riebeeck brought it to South Africa when he landed in the Cape.)

But while we drag our past behind us,….


We also look forward to the future and what it could hold for us… and as long as it has family, happiness and more birds to photo it can’t be all that bad…

To my family, thank you, you have all brought great joy into my life and I know you will all continue to do so….

62 thoughts on “A reflective post….

  1. It is indeed the love of family and friends and good health and the ability to enjoy the every day that brings the most joy. Of course, if you publish your book alongside all of that, well, that can only be the icing on the cake…mixed in with all the other icing of course. I hope you publish Bulldog…I’m still writing my first draft but getting there, trudging along this path right behind you 🙂 Happy Birthday too, sorry I’m late…but you know what they say about that…

    • Thanks Sherri.. my next post I’ve published is an extract from the book… I’ve got such good response that I will be publishing soon…. good luck with your book, I know what an uphill battle it can become sometimes…

      • Heading over there to read now… And thanks Bulldog for your kind wishes, appreciate it very much. I shared a few lines from my first draft recently as part of a writing challenge and I was also overwhelmed with the wonderful response. What a fantastic blogging community we have 🙂

  2. I, too, recommend that you continue to explore the best ways to publish and then press “GO.” You have turned a hobby into something really special with such a large photographic library and I would imagine that putting much of it together would be satisfying to you and your family, as well as to your blogging family. As for the new camera…give it time and you can publish a volume two! 🙂 Happy Birthday! I’m a March b-day, as well!

  3. Well, Rob, seems that there is a tide of consensus: everyone wants you to enjoy your birthday and wants to read your book! 🙂 YIPPEE! Such a wonderful gift all the around, me thinks!

  4. Publish!!! I’d buy it and read it for sure! I love stories of real people and their lives – so many lessons can be learned by them and I’d adore seeing more of your photos!

  5. Hi Rob, based on the photos on this blog and your writings elsewhere I feel sure your book will be both enjoyable and interesting. I hope you decide to publish.

    My favourite football manager used to say to his players “enjoy yourself and make sure you have no regrets when you walk off the pitch”

  6. Happy birthday my friend! You thank your family and friends but we thank you for enriching our lives with your beautiful photos – sharing your gorgeous country and wildlife and your wonderful verse that always accompanies your posts. Look forward to seeing that book on the shelves! 😉

      • Likewise Rob – Proteas played really well. I actually couldn’t watch the last 10 overs so very excited to see the news this morning. Now just need India to beat Aussie as I think their team are unsportsman like. Did like the sportsmanship between blackcaps and proteas – both teams should be proud. You certainly didn’t choke!

  7. Good morning Rob – First of all, if the previous comment is accurate, I too wish you a very happy birthday. Now, about this post of yours… this is one of the most enlightening posts I have seen. If it is an example of what you would publish, I vote for publishing. Your writing along with the photos has brightened my morning and I can only imagine what a book would bring to me. Besides… I’ve seen all the other photos you have published on your blog and I am always thrilled to see them and anxious to find what you may share with us next. You carry me to places that I would otherwise be unable to visit and introduce me to birds and animals that I have never seen or would never be able to get close enough to enjoy… and I thank you.
    Have a most beautiful and photographic birthday!

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