Typesetting Your Book In Word

Wow this was a great find and can only be of help for those who want to have their own books printed.
What a great read. I would love to here from you that think this might be the wrong way to go…

Joanne Phillips

There was a discussion recently on a closed Facebook forum for members of the Alliance of Independent Authors as to whether it was possible to typeset your own book, or whether you should pay someone else to do it for you. What was interesting was how many indie authors admitted this was the one area they wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, despite having a ‘do it yourself’ attitude to most self-publishing tasks. Then there were the die-hard enthusiasts like me, claiming it is easy – all it takes is a little knowledge of Word and a willingness to devote yourself to the detail.

Having just finished typesetting Murder at the Maples ready for print, I’ve produced the following guide to typesetting your own book in Word. You can also download my template, which is ready for you to drop your own text, title and name straight into. This template…

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