Typesetting Your Book In Word

Wow this was a great find and can only be of help for those who want to have their own books printed.
What a great read. I would love to here from you that think this might be the wrong way to go…


8 thoughts on “Typesetting Your Book In Word

  1. My comment there:
    An excellent starting guide, indeed.
    I have followed a long learning curve with formatting novels in Word, and find the trickier parts come in with correctly setting mirror margins, outside page numbering, the table of contents, title as a verso header and author on recto, no header in chapter heading pages, dropped capitals and the like – but all of them can be mastered.
    One reads that it can be spotted that the spacing of words and letters isn’t ‘professional’ if done in Word, but I feel Word does a good enough job.

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