So how’s the book doing ??

Well that is a good question. I’ve received the final book from Anneli nicely formatted for Kindle…


But what has happened now?? Amazon does not convert currency to the Rand…. Damn, one more hill to climb…

Kalagadi 1370

But along comes CreateSpace that I now have to research…

game res 18-07-2011 024

Oh well lets lie down in the grass for a while and start all over again…

37 thoughts on “So how’s the book doing ??

  1. I thought Amazon could do anything! How disappointing for you. I’ve heard good things about CreateSpace, so I hope you won’t be stalled for long! I do love all of your photos, Rob, but the Lion in that tall grass is amazing! It’s simply a beautiful photo. 🙂

  2. I know nothing about currency conversion issues with Kindle. I do know that Create Space makes paperback book publishing quite easy. ..even with photos. Remember my memoir had photos. I chose to have them black and white for aesthetic and cost considerations, but I think you can print your book in color. If not you will have to go with another on-demand printer or pay for X number of copies from a regular printer then sell and mail them yourself. Not optimal, but at least you have options. Keep the faith, Rob. We’re all pulling for you!

    • Thanks Lorna… I believe one can add coloured photos but there is a cost issue which I need to resolve… the selling and mailing self is something I have already considered and researched… just seems a lot easier the other way, just need to make sure I get the price right… too expensive on Create space and I won’t be able to sell it…

    • Thanks Anneli… the Create space does not look to complicated but the printing costs with coloured photos might just put it beyond a good selling price… thanks for the email I’m going through it slowly..

    • It does seem easier for some Countries and not so easy for others, but I seem to have found a solution … now it is just a cost thing to solve… the coloured photos might just push it over the edge… so it might just end as a eBook with no printed version available via online purchasing, but rather I will have to print and post…

  3. Sicuramente troverai la maniera di superare anche questo ostacolo e il libro arriverà alla conclusione per il piacere di chi lo ammirerà, perché sarà bellissimo!!
    Ciao, Pat

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