Bulldogs Book… Oh Dear…

Oh Dear what can the matter be,

Bullies got lock out of the book tree,

Not to worry Anneli is there to help me,

Oh what a day it will be…

(Apologies to whoever wrote it back in the 1780’s)

An email from my favourite Editor has opened the doors for me to continue with the publishing of my book.. The only problem is the coloured photos are going to make the printed version costly and to sell and make a small profit? Difficult…

Kalagadi 159

Now while we stand and ponder the problem, self printing seems the way out… I would have to do all the posting myself…


That could really have me running around…

Kalagadi 283

Oh well it will all come together in the near future….


13 thoughts on “Bulldogs Book… Oh Dear…

  1. I can see this is a real labor of love, Rob, so I think no matter how much work self-publishing entails you’ll have the energy for it. And you’re going to be so proud and rewarded for the efforts. I’m so pleased for you to have a little bit of direction now–I’m still questioning that Amazon couldn’t help you!

  2. Interesting to hear of some of the publishing issues you are facing. On the internet we are told that product production is relatively straight forward these days, but perhaps not cost effective, especially if you want to include photos. I hope it all works out for you.

  3. All the best on this project, Bulldog. Colored photos will certainly add to the beauty of the book and I hope you find a way through this publishing hiccup.

  4. I’d shop around internationally. I know a lot of the NZ books are printed in china – just a matter of cost sometimes so you have to go with the flow. Chin up my friend it is happening 🙂

  5. Decisioni non facili da prendere, i costi sono sempre quelli che frenano un pochino l’entusiasmo perché sono alti. Forza, vedrai che riuscirai a risolvere tutto quanto.
    Un bacione, Pat

  6. Best of luck to you Bulldog on making these decisions. Whatever the end result, I know your book will be a good read and the photos stunning.

  7. Cost is always the pain in the neck. The Chinese can do amazingly good prints/binding with lots of colour photos at a tiny fraction of what it would cost in SA. Trouble is that the minimum orders have to be very large, so one needs a large chunk of ready cash and a distributor or distributors.

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