The Brick walls of Publishing in South Africa.

The more I research the more despondent I get. Publishing on Amazon or CreateSpace for us (not difficult) but is not the best way to go. The biggest problem is payment. Neither can make and EFT payment to an account in our country. So how do they pay? Per cheque and then only after one reaches a royalty level of $100, then it is posted… POSTED… Oh boy our postage is not of the best.

So where do we now stand? Self printing or publishing… yes the set up of a paypal account is simple, people can pay you and you can send them the eBook version via the internet…. great, that will work well… now what about the hard copy? Printing in China is by far the cheapest. How many copies must I print? A minimum of 500 copies.. Can I sell that many? Don’t think so…. How would I pay for it? Another good question…. and what price would I have to make the book? That I still have to calculate…

So one gets an order, how do I send it to them? Well buyer pays the postage, but I have to use the same incompetent Post Office….  and there is the “catch 22”… so maybe my book is only going to be available on eBook for the time to come…

I took the camera and went for a walk… I do my best thinking camera in hand… I found this guy and asked his opinion… he first scratched his head on the one side….


Then tried the other side….


and then gave me a long look and said “Can’t help you Bud, you’re on your own with this one…”


Now that was helpful…