Look out you’re being watched !!

While looking for answers to my publishing problems it was surprising the amount of emails I received from those that read my blog, yet never click like or comment. Yet they saw fit to come to my aid with all kinds of suggestions, for which I am grateful…

So when we blog we must remember there are a lot of people out there that are quietly watching and reading what we share… I find that wonderful… so I went in search of photos that would fit the bill of watching and here they are…




and then there’s the one that watches me the most…



34 thoughts on “Look out you’re being watched !!

  1. Good to know you might be making progress on the publishing front. I hope you get the answers you are looking for – I want to read your book.

  2. Isn’t the blogging community so generous, even though who just stalk, as one of my friends calls herself. I’d say you are in good hands with that lovely lady who watches over you so well. Can’t be an easy job! 😉

    • I think I put poor Linda through hell every now and then… specially when Kidney stones are playing havoc on me and I go for a walk in the bush… “What if you pass out with pain?” she asked… “Then someone will have to come and find me…” and off I go… shame I think there are times she wants to kick me…

  3. The most beautiful ‘watcher’ of them all 🙂 And yes, it never fails to amaze me who is reading our blogs, and also the kindness of the blogging community. Hope you got some answers Bulldog…

  4. It’s a very unusual feeling isn’t it? I was at a Christmas party last year and had several people I vaguely knew who made references to my blog. To say I was surprised was an understatement. Apparently my link had been passed around by email and now I had these ‘closet’ followers.
    You’re right … we never really know who’s reading and that’s rather cool 🙂

    I particularly like the last photo. It’s like having a guardian angel 😉

    • She is just that.. my angel… how often she will just sit and allow me to charge around in the bush with my camera… always the patient observer… but she keeps me going on that search for the perfect photo…

    • Thanks Diana… the most beautiful bird I know does not match Linda … now I wish I could take good portrait photos of her… but she wont go and sit in a tree which is where I get my best photos… she’s funny that way…

    • The second bird is just what you named it… thanks.. yep those that quietly appear, and when you ask how long they’ve been following? For years comes the answer…

    • I would love to know exactly who is following… I met a person at the golf club the other day that complemented me on a post… I asked how he found it, “I’ve been following your blog for years” his answer “never miss a one” he followed… if I’d only known…

  5. Linda!? So nice to meet you lol You’re right I often get emails or comments from guests when they arrive commenting on my blog yet I never knew they were following or saw it. Great that we have those “silent” watchers.

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