Back to the Past…

How often do you return to look at certain photos you’ve captured? Having nearly 60 000 photos saved on my computer (I really need to delete the bad ones, that would reduce it to about 20 000) I often page back through the files.

One that I always spend time looking at is the file with over 200 photos I took when finding the flamingos in the middle of the city… I really love the captures I got that day and will never delete a single one (bad or not.)

So here are a few I do enjoy, you might have seen them before….





50 thoughts on “Back to the Past…

  1. One photographer shoots with film and doesn’t develop them for a year and ends up liking the photos that have the emotion in the photo that he felt. he finds more that he likes, He found that there are many that he might have passed up if you developers them sooner.

  2. Glad you strolled down memory lane with your photo library and shared these flamingo pics with us. Once or twice a year I cull the really bad I’ll never use pics from my library but there are some that are bad and have meaning only I understand that will never be deleted 🙂

  3. How do you store your photos? Since my new camera arrived, I have EVEN more photos piling up! And now, 10KB per photo! I am very strict with editing the rubbish on the day I took them! If I dont, I find I just leave them on the hard disc taking up space.

  4. These photos are great to see more than once. Like reading a good book, listening to your favourite music or watching a great film over again there is always something more to appreciate.

  5. They are lovely.
    With the ease with which one can save on external hard drives, it is perhaps a better idea to transfer all the ‘bad’ ones to a ‘B’ file. I know to my cost that I have deleted some which I afterwards realised, substandard or not, could have filled a subsequent need.

  6. I understand why you are attached to the flamingo photos – they’re all beautiful. There is just something about the contrast of the pink against the blue of the water 🙂

    I don’t take great photos so I’m more inclined to be attached to the memories that the photos represent rather than the photo itself. It makes it hard for me to delete the bad ones too.

  7. I wouldn’t delete any of them either. Beautiful. I share a similar love for cranes and have hundreds of photos that more than half should be deleted…. but won’t 😉

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