To publish or not to publish.. that is the question..

Apologies to William Shakespeare… hell if he can read this then good luck to him… Once more I have reached a cross road in my book scenario…

When I began with the book it was to share stories from my growing up, something my family felt I should do for future generations of our family… this was never done to be published, but my writing took on a life of its own and the more Linda read the more she encouraged me to write with the intention to publish….

I wrote and re wrote and then did so all over again. My English was terrible and this I felt would be the deciding factor “To publish or not to publish”.

The Good Lord put Anneli’s blog on my email list and after quite the while I had found an Editor… I think she regretted taking on this book in the beginning.. her question to me “do I understand the passive word or passive verb”, brought tears to my eyes and my answer being “what are you talking about?” I think brought tears to hers. But it gave her a better understanding of my terrible knowledge of the English language… However with perseverance she turned my book into something I love..

Then came the questions from others “Are you going to include photos?” My answer in the positive was made without even thinking it through…

A book with photos is going to cost between $ 69 and $ 89… this puts it out of the market before we begin.. yet without photos, or maybe just pencil sketches we come to a publishing cost between $5 and $8… far more reasonable… but would people be interested in my story, my escapades and experiences? I’m not sure of the answer to that….

So do I publish this as a book and eBook and follow with a coffee table photo book later, is now what I have to decide… a coffee table book of my photos is a lot cheaper when not including 300 pages of my stories… What to do, what to do, is where I find myself… could this giraffe give me the answer?


Maybe I should hop on a plane and go somewhere … maybe I’ll find an answer…


Until I come to a decision … I will continue to bang my head against the wall….

43 thoughts on “To publish or not to publish.. that is the question..

  1. To work as hard as you have and arrive at this crossroads must surely have you banging your head against the wall. Sometimes we have to just wait and things come together. Other times we need to look back to the original reason we start projects and then re vamp the plan. Wishing light to shine upon your dilemma soon.

  2. Based on your original goal of writing your life story, the costings now presented, and the fact that you have 300 pages of text as well as many photos, I think two separate projects makes sense.

    I would still buy your story book without photos (with sketches etc.). You would then have more time to investigate your photo project options. Perhaps you could include a gallery on your blog of your favourite/best photos, which would be great for visitors to see, and serve as a taster for any future photo book.

  3. I think you should go for the everything but the kitchen sink approach. If what you still want to do is leave behind a piece of YOU, how can it not have stories and pictures? 🙂

    • I never wrote the story around photos so I have to decide to split the books… some want just the story and others the photos, so I think it will end as a two way publish…

  4. I think a key question here is: how relevant are the pictures to the actual story? If they fit in closely then one needs to make a plan, somehow. If they merely embellish, then two standalones would probably serve. Have you explored suggested local options?

    • I have explored local suggestions Col, at present trying to make up my mind on which way to go… the stories are not centered to my photos, I wrote the book as a stand alone so I think that is the way I intend to go… just some chapters need a picture for those that have no idea what I’m referring to, so a pencil drawing will be inserted…

  5. Smetti di sbattere la testa al muro o rischi di farlo crollare. Penso che devi seguire il tuo istinti e fare quello che ti dice il cuore. Certo che pubblicare libri con foto costa veramente tanto. Non è una decisione facile da prendere, hai ragione, ma solo il tuo istinto saprà darti la risposta giusta.
    Un abbraccio, Pat

  6. You’ve come so far, Rob. You’ve done your homework. You have a large, loyal following. You have A LOT going for you. Publish the book without the photos. See what happens. You’ve been guided this far, your guides won’t abandon you now! 🙂

  7. It is the same here – going to be expensive WHEN I get that far but mine will be a coffee table book I think. I agree with Vanessa I think your stories will carry themselves and to follow up later with a photo book will appeal to the same audience and more.

    • I pictured your as a coffee table book… almost just a replica of your blog, with the best photos (don’t know how you’re gonna decide which to use) but it is going to be a magnificent coffee table book

  8. Passive: The wall was banged by Rob’s head.
    Active: Rob banged his head on the wall.
    Usually active is better, but in this case, I think you should stop. It feels good when you stop, they say.
    You’re just going through the things most authors go through after they write a book. They think they’ve just been through the worst, and then the publishing and marketing problems rear their ugly heads. Try not to worry. Just keep plugging away and it will come together.

  9. A good editor is hard to find … and a nonwriter understanding an editor is no small tasks. Vanessa makes a great point, so thinking of stories and photos as separate may help you with making a decision.

  10. Thank goodness you found Anneli! I have the same problem, but some how we manage to communicate. When I read 300 pages, I wish you could have seen the smile on my face. I’ll keep sending positive vibes your way.

  11. It kind of sounds like no choice really. If it’s cost prohibitive to have the stories and photos in one book then yes, publish two! The ebook of stories and then the coffee table book of photos later. The stories can carry on their own – sure they might be enhanced by photos, but they stand alone perfectly well, and sometimes it’s better to just do what we can within the boundaries that we have rather than do nothing at all.

    • Thanks Vanessa… that is very helpful…. I think my photos might be able to stand alone without the story, just think a few sketches in the book, or maps would help the story…

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