Meerkats.. one of my favourites…

A phone call from a friend had me drop everything .. dash home for my cameras and off the the Golf club… No, Ernie Els, or the like, had not shown up, but the young meerkats had come to visit…

700 odd photos later, mostly taken on 3 per second setting, I had a bag full of interesting photos… they are so fast and that special moment is difficult to capture on single shot…

They soon got used to me being among them and played away checking every now and then to make sure I was keeping a look out for eagles and hawks… when they looked at me I looked to the sky as though I was the look out on duty… they’d also check to make sure I was doing my job and then got back to their playing with each other… I felt extremely privileged when they came over to check my scent…


Or maybe they thought my feet stank as the meerkat quickly past and scent marked my takkie… well lets put it this way he peeeed on my shoe…


But it was their playing and mock battles that fascinated me and is going to bore you for the next few posts… here’s a sample…


45 thoughts on “Meerkats.. one of my favourites…

  1. I only saw them at the local zoo and whenever I come there they are all cuddly and sleepy or just curious. I had no idea their teeth are so sharp. That’s a great preview into your posts 🙂 I hope you are well, Rob.

  2. Me thinks peeing on your foot meant you were inducted into their clan, lol. Love the images especially the last one! Glad you dropped what you were doing and went to visit them.

  3. Glad you are getting on well with some of my family members!
    Actually, that is not entirely alluding to my avatar – the meerkat pictured WAS in fact a family member. Jolly good nip those little teeth could give when he was displeased, too.
    I look forward to more – lots more!

    • Thanks Col… I feel I’m one of the family now…. just worry that they intend to play with me like they do with each other… I think it might be painful as well as bloody

  4. Although the meerkats look quite small next to your foot, with those teeth they look more than capable of looking after themselves . As others have said the last shot is terrific and shows off their character.

    • Thanks Brian… I don’t think they need my protection… more likly me theirs if we encounter a snake… they watch me to see if I’m watching the skies for them and if they catch me not looking around one will stop playing and take over the duty

  5. I don’t think I can be bored by meerkats. Bring ’em on! At three a second, I see why you end up with so many. Maybe your next camera should be video. 🙂 Love that little tussle. 🙂 🙂

    • They will accept you as one of the clan and are actually fairly skittish if you move around too much… but sitting still they seem almost fearless, mind you with their speed and teeth I can see why… but I’ve been interacting with these three now for a while

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