The Meerkat and I… can I sit next to you ??

I said I intended to share more of this photo shoot and here they come….This little guy moved right up next to me and sat down… I had trouble getting the camera to focus at that distance, specially as I was not expecting it…


As we both looked around I think it was trying to see what I was looking at…


and then it looked the camera in the eye… what a cute face…


He sat for quite a while and I worried he might just decide to play with me… those damn teeth are so sharp I’d probably bleed to death…


32 thoughts on “The Meerkat and I… can I sit next to you ??

      • Hence the ‘cat’ part of their name 😉 Sometimes their curisosity gets the better of them.
        I don’t blame you for your nervousness though. Any sudden move could result in a close encounter with those teeth and claws … even if accidentally.

  1. Just gorgeous, Bulldog.
    I have to say it’s lovely to see these little critters outside of the zoo (as I usually only see them).
    They are just the cutest, but I’ve seen them fight and those teeth are more like ‘fangs’ – hate to see them sink their teeth into a human arm or leg.

  2. How adorable… You’re so talented to get pics like these (or brave)(or both)… Now see… I would have never gotten to see this view of a meerkat if not for you sharing your wonderful photos with us. Makes me feel like I could just reach out and pet it… Thank you…
    Hope your day is filled with beautiful images…

  3. I can imagine how pleased you were to be in touching distance of the meerkats, and especially so to capture good images – it’s a great feeling getting so close to wildlife.

    • I love the close encounters with any animal, but this one is special… I seem to be considered one of the group and intend to try a touch next time…

  4. Amazingly tame. Even though our banded mongooses (Mungos and Suricata are related, of course) used our cellar as a maternity home, the group always kept its distance.

    • I have had some close encounters with the banded in Warmbaths area… were all around me, but I must admit I was more frightened of a bite from one of them than from these…

  5. Stephen says “that is an experience of a lifetime” but going by all the stunning wildlife photos you have that may be more for us than for you. Bloody fantastic – and awesome photos of course! 😉

    • Thanks Jan… I feel this is an experience of a life time, well yes I have been privileged to have some outstanding experiences, but this is right up there on the top

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