Meerkats…. more Meerkats…

To stretch out and feel the muscles relax… Oh what a feeling… that does sound like something I used to be able to do…. now it’s just a pain in a different place every time I do that… but this guy sure enjoyed the stretch…


This Bulldog is shirking his duties…. he should be watching the sky… specially with that big black eye he has…


“Ok Bulldog come and enjoy the game with us… or are you chicken?”


Have a great day… or night depending on when you read this,…..


37 thoughts on “Meerkats…. more Meerkats…

  1. Such great animals, meercats! You’ll laugh at this, Rob, but it’s almost like I forget a meercat isn’t just a Disney character, but a real animal. LOL! Superb photos! 🙂

  2. Next time you’ll have to bring an assistant to do guard duty while you get the pictures. You sure got my day off to a good start. 🙂

  3. Fun! It’s a bit after 10 PM here. I’m headed for bed after this comment as I plan to get up at 3 AM to be at the hospital when my dad arrives at 5:30 AM for a hip replacement operation.

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