Sounds of Distant Drums.. a book of Poetry.

By Alfred Hutchison.

I originally posted this in 2013, July I think, and today while breezing through the book I came once more on this poem… one of my favourites… which reminded me of this post that had me writing poetry…. well I call it poetry… thought I’d share it once more… below is the original post…

I received a gift from a good friend of mine, a book of poems… This was so un-expected… but so appreciated… I immediately rushed into the nearest Coffee shop and started to read… when I got home, I sat and this poem just flowed out of me, (remember I’m no poet, but love poetry) .. here is what I sent Alf. ….

Oh Lord I receive a gift today,

Sent to me from far away,

A gift, that has me inspired,

To emulate the desire inside.


A gift from a friend who God has blessed,

With the words of the poet inside his head,

A man of God who remembers his past,

A true man whom can’t be taken to task.


Is it a gift that one would expect?

Which I went with enthusiasm to collect,

A surprise when opened I had to read,

A book from Alf it was indeed.


Could anyone impede the need?

To quickly open this book and read,

The wise words of wisdom spread,

Not written in pen or pencil lead.


A coffee shop across the road,

To which I entered with ordered code,

A mug of coffee, not good for me,

Instead of ordering a pot of tea.


I sat and read with head bent down,

Upon the words of a friend I’d found,

The words that stirred deep memories,

Of long age pasts sweet journeys.


The words so profound,

That it did compound,

The feelings I past felt,

That Alf has been dealt,

A gift from God to which he is blessed,

That has stirred the past in me refreshed,

The poems filled with rhythm and rhyme,

That in themselves talk of Heaven Divine.


Alf replied to my thanks with more words that touched my heart…

“See how easy it is Rob ? Accept the book as a gift for all the unending encouragement you have given me … May God richly bless you my friend …Now you have a taste for poetry lets see more ….”

Oh how I wish I could… but with his permission I add one of his poems here, with a few photos of mine that just sprang to mind when I read the poem… (no animals were hurt or damaged in anyway in this poem or the photos depicting the poem….)

Called……. “A Lion Roars”

Rietvlei 25-5-2012 198

           Come with me, hold tight my hand,

           Whilst I show you my beloved land,

           Africa’s blood washes through my veins,

      From Bushveld glades to savannah plains.

Kalagadi 1288

           Have you ever heard a lion roar?

           Been close enough to touch his paw,

          Stared eye to eye, smelled his breath,

              Observed razor teeth of instant death,

Rietvlei 25-5-2012 202




                    And then that roar… that numbing sound

                    Send tremors through the very ground.

               A lightening swipe of five sharp claws;

               No video this, you can’t press pause.


                   Reality life, your minutes numbered,

                   Certain death … your life encumbered;

                   But that day twas not meant to be,

                   God’s heaven had no need of me.

Rietvlei 25-5-2012 207


                  A shot rang out … a sound so sweet,

                  The King of beasts lay at my feet,

                  This was no trophy, no great prize.

                      My life, his death … no compromise.

Author Alf Hutchison.. with permission.

Alf’s Book is available from

and if on Face Book go to

and like his page and read more of his work… brilliant….


63 thoughts on “Sounds of Distant Drums.. a book of Poetry.

  1. I loved the story of your friendship, Rob. I think that for the two of you poets, Africa is a place of tremendous inspiration. One of the things you do so well is recognize in your photography and your writing and poetry that you live in a very special place on our planet. You help me imagine the incredible beauty and the majesty of these incredible creatures. I enjoy your poetry, Rob. Don’t hold back! 🙂

  2. Beautiful poems, amazing photos! You bring into my life something I would never in my lifetime be able to see. Can’t ask for a better dose of real, extraordinary animal life! Amazing!

  3. Looks to me that the only one who does not believe that Rob Bulldog CAN write poetry…. is ROB BULLDOG!! …;0)
    Thank you all for your encouraging words to both of us …

  4. In my experience, acquaintances are easily found and forgotten, while true friends are gold dust, and very rare. Enjoyed both poems and photos.

  5. What a wonderful gift and beautiful poem. As I read his poem I thought of what you do to bring us this regular dose of real animal life and wondered…what do you do to keep yourself safe from the animals you photograph?

    • Stay in my car mostly… but I do walk about as well and having grown up in the bush and been there most of my life… it is a privilage to walk amid that which I capture on camera… but most of it is from a car or truck window…

  6. Your friend is an amazing human being (along with being truly gifted with the written word)! How lucky for you to have a friend in him. You are blessed Rob. Your poetry sings in my soul (along with your accompanying photo’s to your friends poetry. How lucky of him to have a friend in you. He is blessed. Nothing finer in life than true friendship that is reciprocated in kind. And both of you so very talented too. An excellent post dear friend! Bravo, both of you! xx

    • Thank you Penny… he is brilliant an absolute natural… and a very good friend… as for my poetry, I wish I could do more… and more often, did one for our software as a laugh between Linda and I .. maybe I should put it here for you to read… your so good at it… don’t laugh, oh what the hell have a good laugh…

      Why do we write poetry?

      To make a connection comprehensively.

      What reason that connection be?

      To grow and make a business tree.

      We have a program oh so smart,

      It has worked well right from the start.

      Born in the head of a golf super,

      Yet created well for the computer.

      What words of wisdom are imparted,

      None.. only figures are thereby charted.

      The figures thus spent and cleverly captured,

      Thereafter calculated … the input factored.

      The resultant charts are used to find,

      An answer as to how we’re primed,

      To make decisions that can be made,

      To see how much money can be saved.

      Thus the club is so empowered,

      That notwithstanding all the cowards,

      To make the changes that have been shown,

      To improve the grass that’s being grown.

      What do we call this software cloud?

      That has made it’s owners oh so proud,

      It’s a name for future history,

      As it is known as “terratry.”

      • Love it, funny only in that it is an unusual methodology (poem) to reference a product, however, having said that, It’s quite wonderfully written and a delightful read. As I said Bulldog, I love it – And I’ll bet even with some laughter that Linda did too! 🙂

  7. My friend, as I read these words, I too hear the sound of the distant drums. Perhaps it’s the pounding of my heart, inspired to face life in both it’s best and worst. Great post.

  8. Such a beautiful post, Rob. The poem you wrote is lovely. And the photos with the other poem are fantastic. It’s clear that you and your friend appreciate friendship. 🙂

  9. To not be a poet … you’re doing very well, see what friendship can do. *smile
    I’m not a poetry person at all – some poem can I click with but … not many – I can read and read … but I can’t get it. It makes me very irritated at times.
    My mom wrote poems and she were a very good writer … and not because I’m a expert in this field, but I think you have talent and I think you should write more … because I think that if you like poems … you can also write. But that’s only me. So keep on the good work.

  10. A very special friendship, Rob. Your friend Alf knew how to inspire you and give you a gift you’d find very personal. Your poem, in return, is also a gift. I really enjoyed reading it and thinking about the many ways we sometimes know our friends more intimately than family! 🙂

    • Thank you for such a beautiful comment… as for knowing friends better than family.. Alf is just such a good friend that some of the family will never get so close… but then one can’t choose your family…

  11. What a wonderful gift you received…you have a very special friend. Your poem was wonderful and I’m not surprised that you can write…You’ve got the gift of seeing the beauty in things…so it lives in you…in many forms. Well done.

  12. Love your poem is so beautiful and touching, what a kind gesture of your friend and of you, his poems is so wonderful too, both of you are so creative you do have to keep trying I am not a poet either but that does not stop me from writing. Great photos like always too. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • It is the most inspiring book I’ve ever read (bought or given) being an ex Rhodesian like Alf.. a lot of his poems are about our old country… you should look at his Face Book page, the link is on my post.. he has a few poems there about Rhodesia… wonderful…

  13. For a nonpoet, pretty darn good! More importantly, it was a great why to respond to your friend. His lion poem is awesome, and the addition of your pics is a great touch. Please consider doing more combos!

  14. Wow bulldog! You’re a real poet and you didn’t even know it! 😉 Stunning poetry my friend and loved the photo’s you’ve added to it. Now that would make a stunning poetry book with images like that! You should really think about publishing it. Keep the creative juices flowing my friend. You are doing a great job! 😀 *big hugs*

  15. BOTH poems are just beautiful bulldog. You know I sensed your inner-poet a long time ago. I think if you are inspired and emotional about something, like you were about this most lovely gift your friend bestowed upon you, you can access that ‘poet’ with ease. The more you do it the easier it will be too. I’m so proud of you!! This made my day! x much love – RL

    • Robyn.. thank you.. from you this is the complement of my blogging career… if I could tap the source of this one I can assure you I would… but don’t know where that source is… wish I did… but thank you very much… a Master at the art like yourself, a big complement for me…

  16. Wow Bulldog – that is awesome. Coffee is obviously good for you – forget the tea LOL. I did a poem once – only once and like you wondered where it came from. Appropriate at the time and that is all the matters. I find writting blogs a little bit the same – sometimes the words flow other times I sit them dumbfounded staring at the computer screen……… Beautiful poem – both yours and Alfs. Thanks for sharing them both. xoxo

    • You think that’s where it came from.. the coffee… if coffee didn’t knock the hell out of me I’d try it again just to see… LOL… like you when I write it is either there or not… when it isn’t I walk away and don’t even try as I’ll just be deleting what I write later… thanks for the complement…

  17. Wonderful post, bulldog. Your poem written out of gratitude to your friend, rings so true. Well done. I love the way you’ve illustrated Alf’s poem too. You were really inspired today. 🙂

  18. You are incredibly talented. I love your poem and your photos. Would love to collaborate someday. Would be a wonderful experience. Your friend has a true gift, as well. I will definitely look into his book. Thank you sharing another part of you with us, Bulldog.

    • Skye this is such a nice comment… but I have tried so many times to write poetry… and I can assure you I’m terrible… where this one came from I’m unsure… I sat and typed as fast as I could all in one straight line while it flowed and added the commas later… it’s a first probably never to be repeated… a little bit of inspiration maybe from above…

      • That’s what I do!!! I take a deep breath, and I think I hold it through the whole poem, and then I read it. And, it is done!! lol

        You have more in you…..I know it. I have you on my permanent prayer list as one of my friends, now I know something to add to it. 🙂

        It is a beautiful poem, and God will use it. He is awesome that way!! 🙂

    • Vanessa.. I wish I could say that was about to happen… but I doubt it… when I showed this to Linda she was as dumbstruck as I was… I wish I could do it… but know my limitations…

    • Thank you Maralee… I was speechless myself… I couldn’t even tell Linda where it came from… and if you knew me as Linda does… you’d know this is a first…

  19. Wow! What poets you both are. (I know that lion in the photo is just sleeping, but in the poem I was sorry he was shot. Guess I’d feel differently if my life were in danger.)

    • Thanks Anneli… It was fast asleep in my photo.. and the poem has happened to so many people we know in Africa that have had to protect themselves against Lion… a friend of our family was killed by a lion in his sleep in a tent at the Tuli circle… it happens… but Not to Alf.. just a poem…

      • I would never sleep in a tent in Africa. The snakes and spiders would be bad enough, but lions?! I love cats, but not like that. I also would never sleep in a tent in bear country in Canada or the U.S. There have been several cases of bears crashing through the tent to have a snack.

    • Thank you… I can assure you people we know have had to do this to protect themselves.. a friend was killed by a lion and he was unarmed and not out shooting… we live in Africa, where this can happen… I love Hutch’s poem…

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