You’ve got to be a little bit drunk….

Now this is something I’ve often thought about….


“Greg  – You’ve got to be a little bit drunk to see a little bit of Heaven” he said to me as we both stared deep into the flames of the braai fire.

Now, for the passed 30 years or so I’ve spend many hours pondering, philosophizing, wondering, discussing, thinking and analysing over what he meant when he uttered these profound words that evening so long ago.

He was an old man called Os (Ox) Wichmann and I was in my early 30’s. We had just moved to the little mining village of Ellisras where Os had befriended us from the beginning. He was a lonely old man approaching his 60s and had many wise sayings when he was tipsy, which was a lot of the time.

This statement as I’ve mentioned struck a chord deep inside me though and often, mostly when I’m a bit tipsy, I’ve thought back…

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