Have a good weekend….

Just a few photos so you know I’m alive… just too busy at the moment for regular blogging…


Another which, as yet, I have no ID… Dan Cowley where are you when I need you…


and I promise there was a bird there when I pressed the shutter button….


Have a good weekend….

21 thoughts on “Have a good weekend….

  1. Appreciate you taking time to leave a note and some pix. What interesting leaves – nice sharp texture contrasted with the white fluffy bird. (and the leaves alone do deserve a photo of their own. In that last one the those leave are focused so clear and sharp against the blurry backdrop – they almost look like some sort of sci-fi creatures alive!

  2. Always lovely to see your bird images, Bulldog.
    I have many similar shots to that last one. It seems we both love that subject 😀

    I have the opposite problem to you. All the time in the world, but with a compressed L3/4 nerve in my spine, my thigh and groin pain is too painful to sit for very long and type (or watch tv) – another 2 weeks before my specialist appointment to see what can be done (about it).

  3. I do expect to have a good weekend, and I hope that you do, too! I understand how hard it is to maintain a regular blogging schedule when you’re extra busy! It’s always good to hear from you…so come up for air when you can. 🙂

  4. Is it me, or do these birds looked miffed? And it that one of those really rare invisible birds in the last photo? Excellent catch, Rob! You’re good! 😉 Glad to know you’re still alive and kickin’. I assume you’re still kickin’…

  5. Good to know you’re alive and well Rob. I like your first photo – nice sharp eye to draw you into the picture.

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