Have you heard the news?

As work just gets more and more, of which we do no complain, social media gets less and less.

Book? you ask… no progress, just no time…

Blogs? ,,, the same… although I do pop in and look at yours, I just don’t always have the time to comment….

BUT next month we are taking time off to go to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park… so look forward to photos from there, specially those I will be taking with the new camera… can’t wait… like a kid waiting for Christmas… Remember these… well expect many many more….

Kalagadi 312

Kalagadi 382

Kalagadi 395

Kalagadi 439

I will be posting every now and then before we go just to keep the interest up… have to find time for blogging though…

36 thoughts on “Have you heard the news?

  1. Hi, Rob. I just got caught up on your blog. Nice to hear about your wife being cancer-free, what a relief for both of you. I love your book title. I enjoyed the photos of the meerkats and your bird shots are always lovely. I also understand about your not having time to read or comment on other blogs, I just went through the same thing. Hector and I are now in Alaska and enjoying it very much. Best to you!

  2. Ah yes … life getting in the way of blogging. 😉 … Most importantly, you are well. Thanks for checking in and I (along with many) appreciate the snippets you’ll give us.

  3. Hi Rob! Good to know you’re still around! I understand about being busy. I was visiting the Oregon zoo with my son (he’s 29 and still wanted to go to the zoo…boys!) and took some pictures with my fancy new camera. Some came out very well and I thought of you. I thought, “Rob will be impressed by this shot of a lioness. He doesn’t need to know she was in an inclosure…” 😉

  4. I know the feeling, on all counts!
    Will look forward to many gems – not only in bok!
    Your old camera will be a hard act to follow – hope the new one exceeds all expectations!

  5. Good to know you are alive and well. Don’t work too hard. As ever, looking forward to more of your photos.

  6. Glad to hear biz is good and I’m sure a break is much needed. I look forward to all your beautiful photos from your upcoming trip. Enjoy 🙂

  7. Even though I haven’t kept up with the whole blogging thing lately, you are someone with whom I want to keep in contact with through thick and thin. You have inspired and encouraged me and you have shown me the beauty of the world via your photographs. Thanks Bulldog!

  8. Nice to see you, glad all is well and busy! Hope you do get back to the book, that’s an easy thing to keep setting aside isn’t it. I understand though, you can’t do it all! Have a good trip and I’ll look forward to the photos. I like the shadow effect on these photos by the way, it’s subtle and effective.

  9. Forget the writing and the book 😀

    More photos please 😀

    Excuse the ignorance, but what are the animals in the 3rd photo please. Such unusual markings.

  10. Hey hey there stranger – so good to hear from you, I was getting concerned! Good to hear is just busy with work – well sort of, you know what I mean 🙂 Can’t wait to see your holiday snaps from the visit to the park – soooooo jealous. Have an awesome time.

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