It’s Official – I am to design and build a 9 hole golf course.

The emails have flowed between the owner and myself, I’ve visited the site a few times and now the contract has been awarded me. So for the next six months I will be “on and off” the blogging scene.

Unfortunately the internet is not of the best where we are going, but when I can I’ll look in at your blogs, doubtful if I will get a chance to blog myself, but that’s life.

This has been a life long dream, to design and build a golf course from scratch, has long been on my “bucket list”, in fact for more years than I can remember.

Here’s a few photos from our recent trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park…… I have 100’s to share and now I don’t have the time…..






“I will be back” as Arni said…. just give me the time to build a Golf Course…

50 thoughts on “It’s Official – I am to design and build a 9 hole golf course.

  1. Hi there Bulldog….I have also been away due to my husbands diagnosis but we are back in full strength and I am beginning to get back into writing some. Not sure where yet but will keep in touch somehow. Maybe I can post some on my Natural Health Newsletter soon. Anyway I am happy to see you are bulding a golfcourse or have built one and hope to see posts from you again soon. I have not even looked into street articles for years, but I will check that out as well. Bless you and yours. Mother

  2. Congratulations on a bucket list item. It will be interesting to see what you do. (As a golfer, you know I’m interested.) …. Will “a Bulldog design” be part of the new courses marketing slogan? The course needs a catchy name … The Boneyard? Spiked Collar Golf Club? Doganabbi GC?

  3. That is amazing to hear of you achieving your personal long held dream I congratulate you. I do hope you will find time for the occasional post. I have just found your place so will watch with interest for future up-dates.

    • Thank you so much… yes it is hard to keep me off the blog and as I have so many photos to share from our recent trip, I’ll be posting when I can…

  4. Missed your photos Rob…good to see they are as good as ever. Your golf course project will be a very exciting challenge. Perhaps you could blog about progress when internet access permits. When built, just send me an airline ticket and I will gladly check it out – customer feedback is very important…lol.

    • Thanks Brian… I think you know how difficult it is to get a great layout… but I think I have a great one for this site… we’ll talk about the ticket…

  5. Le foto sono bellissime Rob, ma giustamente viene prima di tutto realizzare il tuo sogno, il campo da golf. Complimenti di tutto cuore e tantissimi auguri.
    Un abbraccio, Pat

  6. Hey there stranger. Well there is no better excuse than that to not have time to be blogging. Huge congratulations – what an achievement, well done you. Super excited for you. Thanks for sharing some of your recent wildlife photos though – miss those too. Have fun.

  7. I suppose building a golf course is as good an excuse as any to be away from the blog-o-sphere…as long as you miss me…um, er, us, and it is truly a dream come true. 🙂 Have fun and take good care, Rob!

  8. Wowee!!!! That is exciting – congrats my friend. I am so glad that you are getting the opportunity to follow your dreams. Not many can do that. I will be patiently waiting to hear all about it when you have time to post :).

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