A few more photos from our trip…

Does sunset not supply the most beautiful colours for photography…

The Kalahari Tented camp we stayed in… no fences so any animal can get up close… had the brown hyena calling outside the tent, I looked for the witches but saw none…


These wildebeest past within touching distance, but look at the colour after sun set…


The Giraffe are always entertaining as the bend to drink…


This was the view we had of the nearby water hole… no need to drive around, the game comes to visit you…


and one more of the entertainer… the “Rooi-muishond” Literal translation “Red Mouse Dog” but actually known as the “Slender Mongoose”


Till we meet again, go well… will do my best to get on the air as and when I can…


21 thoughts on “A few more photos from our trip…

  1. Great shots (like you could do anything but)! I’ve always marveled at sunsets and sunrises. Nature can create colors that just don’t exist anywhere but on her pallet. 🙂

  2. These are the sort of animals I cannot see in the UK (outside a zoo), so just wonderful to see your natural shots. Of course, you’re right, sunset is such a special time for taking photos.

  3. You caught something else here I don’t usually see, the eye of the Wildebeest. It has a tendency to disappear into the dark brown of the face. What a wonderful place to be! Thanks for sharing these.

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