Akabeko Boutique Hotel and Golf Course.

I have shared about the golf course, and realise I’ve neglected to share anything on the Hotel. This is a five star experience, with secluded lodges that guarantee a quiet restful stay.

The lodges or rooms are set in a black wattle forest with beautiful gardens surrounding each. A river runs below all the rooms, a lovely sound of trickling water can be heard, not loud enough to keep you in the toilet, but enough to ensure a peaceful sleep.


A walkway follows the river … with small dams that attract birds and otters …


The gardens …


The tree ferns, cycads and so many more indigenous plants … with beautiful flowers ,,,


The restaurant, with a top chef that produces plates of food that are to die for..



A well stoked bar and a wine rack that keeps one looking up…


and then to think that outside is a golf course, (9 hole par 35) that will test your golf length and accuracy… and while you’re playing, the others can enjoy the spa or massage or sit and enjoy the quiet of the lounge.

Want to know more about the hotel ?? http://www.akabekohotel.com/ 

Hope to see some of you there and playing the golf course that is open to the public…

19 thoughts on “Akabeko Boutique Hotel and Golf Course.

  1. Great to see you back, Rob! For some reason I missed your post in January so I’m doing a bit of catching up. If I ever head your way – I’ll be staying in that lodge, it’s looks wonderful xxx

  2. I’m so glad you came to visit my blog today. I had thought you had stopped blogging, but here you are still going strong. Love this post and the beautiful pictures of the hotel and grounds. ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Quite lovely, indeed! I could use that spa package about now after a long day working on pressure washing the project house o we can paint it…more today!

    • Hi Mrs P.. come and join us and enjoy the Spa… I know its quite the distance… or hang on and finish the project house then join us… thanks for the comment

      • That does sound inviting. I have been doing a bit more travel. I think I’ve just added you to my list of places to go! 😀

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